Official TYM MKII GG's Thread

Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by TheRobzi11a, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    I put a bunch of hard beatings on "s123Shaw" or whatever his name is last night, he quit everytime, so sad.
  2. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    I just googled this.
    Streaming a game doesn't exactly sound promising for online connections, does it?
    If I'm renting MKAK every month, they better damn well make sure its lag free.
  3. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    What about the guy who made UMK2? He spent countless hours making that, and did a great job.
    Wouldn't someone as talented as him be able to work on bringing regular MK2 to a format that has perfect connections?
    I'd ask him myself but I still have no idea who the mystery man is.
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  4. Konqrr

    Konqrr 554C54494D415445

    From what he's told me, all he has to work on is a shitty laptop that isn't even good enough to play MKAK on Steam. He wants to apply his hack to this so everyone can play online but as for making the UMK2 rom hack playable online by itself is way too difficult.
  5. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Now you know how I feel when I play btbb in ranked. the time I beat him 10-1 in ranked, I actually LOST points in the long run.
  6. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Was thinking more along the lines of, can he get into some gaming company where he could use his skills?
    Not talking about getting UMK2 to the masses.
    But somehow being hired to create an MKAK type game that works properly (og gameplay, no lag, spectator/king of the hill modes, etc)
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  7. Dyzvhtynzal

    Dyzvhtynzal D020188 Premium Supporter

    beer & wine flawlessed me. that lady finished me off. lol, i think i'm through. done.

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