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Discussion in 'Mortal Kombat II' started by TheRobzi11a, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    And Jason, is "scorpangel" the real "scorpion angel" that you always say has the best Kang? Cause I ring his bell all the time with Jax, he can't handle my Jax. Sadly, I must say that Rocky gives my Jax more trouble than "scorpangel."
  2. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Can't we all just get along? :)

    Scorpangel is the real scorpangel yeah. You can beat his Liu with Jax, even though he does IAFs?
    Must have been a fluke because his Liu is VERY hard to beat even with Jax.
    I played him recently and beat him up with the whole cast, but he is still sick with Liu and Jax.
    He murdered my Baraka with Liu. But I got my revenge on his Liu with everyone else.
  3. jesse89202

    jesse89202 Member

    LOL. Maybe when I played against your subzero.. but almost every mileena player has to some degree spammed.

    Take jax's dirty socks to the cleaners too. Its been a while.
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  4. jesse89202

    jesse89202 Member

    Scorpangel is a legend just like xiongbros although xiong has completely moved on destroying ever player in his path at the time. Scorpangel is a true player but sadly, he has moved on. Hes still good but he was at his best many years ago. I know he still plays it but these days theres no thrill to even try hard. Scorp and I agree too many clowns online just like subyicyballs complaining all day. Just play and forget it bro.

    BTW is icyballs your main or an alt? just wondering. I been so sensitized with everyone (some people) running on alts. I think im the only one with only one PS3 PSN account. its sad..
  5. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Scorpangel is just as good as he used to be.
    But I think because MKAK plays faster, he has a harder time playing his turtling style.
    Also throw in delay lag... makes it harder to be precise.

    Personally I've played him so many times that I know how to beat him.
    Easier said than done when I'm using bottom tier vs his top tier, but still fun if not too laggy.

    My biggest MK2 request is to play vs XiongBros in a perfect connection. He's the only legend I haven't beaten in a set, coz I never got a chance to play him/them.

    As for alts, I have a few and you know why?
    One reason is because I enjoy playing Ranked without worrying about losing 30 points in a ridiculous connection.
    I like to see how fast I can get a brand new 1200 rank up to 2000 using all characters and without rank quitting.
    (My record is 2 nights, but would be easier if more people played.)

    The other reason is because of maintaining anonymity.
    There are lots of assholes who play, and when you're a well-known MK2 player, you can relax a bit when you use an alt.
  6. jesse89202

    jesse89202 Member

    IMO, its all just about having fun to me. If your going to take things seriously, your a bum just like rockyrose. Beating him this and that isn't going to get you a trophy in real life.

    I always kept my psn the same since.. since I don't remember. When I bought my ps3 back in 2009 I think. I suppose if you are a real player to be rekon with maybe I can understand. But if your doing it to taunt people (perfect example cockyrose) hes no good at all. He only goes on alts so he can record people play him cause hes also a quitter regardless of ranking stats or his personal life. LOL
  7. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    Yeah, Icy Balls is my main account, I picked up MK2 seriously when they released MKAK in 2011. And I always dug Sub back in the day so I made that account. But as Jason said, I kept getting surprised by alts and getting taunted ect, so I made a few alts for anonymity. I usually play on my LargeMargeSentMe tag LOL!

    I wish more good players actually played, I wouldn't get frustrated with players like scorpangel only picking liu or you only picking Jax if there was more variety online. But sadly, everytime I get on there are usually only one or two people on, and if it's someone that only uses one character it gets boring. Shit, I'm sure it's boring for my opponent too as I only like to use 4 characters as well.

    and I honestly believe that the people playing now are better WAY better than these "legends," I have had no problem crushing the legends, sure they are good, but they are not Mortal Jason/Caldwell/BTBB/KillBill/ME good. I feel like the top 5 of today doesn't include any of the legends (and I'm not trying to insult anyone, I wish they would play and prove me wrong).
  8. jesse89202

    jesse89202 Member

    Well duh, legends are old school MK2 players. Meaning, if you stack your top five in todays age then you only grab new players. Top five you mentioned is fine for today. But for OG it is still xiong, scorp, and dvdcsn. I know im missing one.. but you get it. I'm talking OG MK. IMO the other legends xiong, scorp and even dvdcsn are far superior. Ofcourse we're in a different time and they have moved on. That's where the fun was. TOday? not a bit. Cricket chirping and "new players" on the block are terrible. My definition of "terrible" are they cheat and spam almost 60% of the time than it was back in 09'. OG's back then know what I mean. CLean fights, chip damage, golden punches and strategy. None of the analogs existed back then. SPam and lag were there but in MKAK its 90% more lag and game freezes. ogMK2 did less maybe 20% of it with no game freezes. I have a suspicion ogMK2 servers have been hacked cause the gameplay last time I checked was terrible with almost everyone. It wasn't like that before.
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  9. MKillBill

    MKillBill Lead Moderator Staff Member

    I appreciate the compliment, but let's face facts here. I rarely play the game (online) anymore, outside of online and offline tournaments. I've never at any point in time considered myself as an elite player, though I know several of you have labeled me as such. As far as the rest of the OG players, yeah, most of them have moved on either to other games or other things in their lives. There's no sense trying to get them to come back unless they choose to come back on their own.
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  10. jesse89202

    jesse89202 Member

    "Just play it and forget it bro. " I think i'm going to use that slogan now more LOL.
  11. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    MIKECALDWELL, btbb and I could all go even to better with XiongBros, scorpangel, and dvd in their prime.
    if we did a set of randoms in a good connection, I have no doubt it would be at the very least, even.
    Mike and I have gotten scorpangel to do randoms with us and we both destroyed him, so he ran back to Liu to keep it competitive.
    I've seen videos of Xiong and dvd, and I know my Kitana and Mileena would at worst, go even with those guy's Jaxes.
    I 16 streaked scorpangel's Jax on OG years ago with the girls, and Xiong and dvd's Jaxes weren't that much better than his.
    For instance, you just can't do any more with Scorpion than MIKECALDWELL already does.
    He's maxxed Scorpion out and no one, XiongBros or otherwise, could do any better.

    Analogs have existed as long as ps3 has. It's not a new thing that modern-day elites invented.
    They're as much a learned talent as golden punching and MGPing.
    Using analogs online usually HURTS me more than helps because they whiff alot from shitty connections.
    And does anyone really think it's easy to contort my hands to do all the crazy things I do with analogs?

    Anyway I think you need to be good with EVERY character to be considered a legend.
    Scorpangel has 2 legendary fighters- Liu and Jax, but he's definitely not elite with any other characters.
    Xiong was a stud with everyone, not sure about dvd?
    But the only guys I've played over the years that I consider legends are, in order:

    2) btbb99
    3) KANOMK2
    4) Fusion
    5) Foozer
    6) MK2Prince

    I would even put guys like Billy_Bats and david_GEM ahead of scorpangel and Insane_Nikidemos, because they are much more well-rounded.
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  12. Sub0's-Icy-Balls

    Sub0's-Icy-Balls Frozen Death (ANTI-TIERIST)

    bad games to KOOLBEAN, this clown only picks Kang, gets embarrassed by my JAX and leaves everytime, then he started running before the match starts like indio_joe! My faith in humanity is fading!
  13. mortal_jason

    mortal_jason Kitana's Bodyguard

    Koolbean is a psychopath that has been around ever since I got ps3 in 2010.
    1 of the first times I played him, he sent me rant after rant about how he was going to kill my family because I beat him.
    It's scary to hear him on his microphone in MKAK. He sounds like a possessed person.
    Don't take him too seriously. And if you want good matches then look for me in Friendly or hit me up.

    MK2's getting to be a real yawner. I might get an Xbox to play some new people.
  14. VenomX-90

    VenomX-90 Gas Mask Reaper

    *Randomly goes to thread and gives a Nod* Good Game.

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