Noob Saibot: The COMPLETE Guide

Discussion in 'Noob Saibot' started by D. R., Sep 30, 2011.

  1. G4S Ermacio

    G4S Ermacio Orbs... Orbs everywhere

    i disagree with the reptile matchup that was listed i think that is prolly worse than 4 6 idk though i dont play it too often just what ive found in my experiences with the MU
  2. D. R.

    D. R. Active Member

    Just found Noob's Toasty Bonus after a couple hours of messing with it tonight and consulting this chart, to help narrow it down. I first tried DDD with all the buttons, including block, then just went left to right, excluding the FFB series. Fourth Toasty and I hit it with either BBF1 or BBF2. 15 more minutes later, hit another Toasty and confirmed it to be BBF1. If someone can record this, please do!

    EDIT: Check's got it covered.
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  3. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura Unemployed Black Astronaut.

    What is this toasty boost I keep hearing about?
  4. Wemfs

    Wemfs Child of the night

    Whenever you see that guy pop up in the corner of the screen you do a certain input and it fills up you bar instantly.
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  5. Hitoshura

    Hitoshura Unemployed Black Astronaut.

    :confused: wtf!? Thats awesome!
  6. G4S Ermacio

    G4S Ermacio Orbs... Orbs everywhere

    its like the most inconsistent thing in the game lol but if it happens im ready
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  7. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan Element of Poetry

    Simple Ghostball/Disabler combos in the corner:

    Any pop-up~EXUpknee, 4, b1214~Ghostball

    212 = 37%
    b1214 = 34%
    b214 = 34%
    f43 = 35%

    Upknee, d1~EXUpknee, 4, b1214~Ghostball = 28% (really impractical, but everyone likes trivia)

    Just a skeleton for those unaware.
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  8. Squeaker101

    Squeaker101 As I live, ALL will die

    Some of those combos are difficult. Is this out-dated, or is my exectution off?

    eg. 212 x Up Knee, 4, 12 x Up Knee, 12 x Up Knee, 12 x Up Knee, d1 x Tackle
  9. D. R.

    D. R. Active Member

    Your execution is off. It can be landed. If you wanna land it a tad easier just to see how it looks, while in the corner, you and the opponent back away from it one character length, then do the combo. The opponent floats a tad higher when not pinned completely in the corner.
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  10. InFlames

    InFlames PS3 makes me cry

    Replace the standing 4 with 1,2~Up Knee. Easier to land and does same damage. You might need to backup after the second Up Knee or your opponent will fall behind you.
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  11. D. R.

    D. R. Active Member

    So I decided to stick in MK for shits and giggles cause of MKX hype and wtf... I find a 50% combo off 1 meter in the corner, no jump in. It had to of been found already, right? lol

    212 x En Upknee, 3, 4, 12 x Upknee, 12 x Upknee, 12 x Upknee, d3 x Tackle.

    Man if this dude is in MKX expect me to have another one of these guides (living this time) up within a month or so after release. The funnest fighting game character I've ever used hands down. Now for the waiting game...
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  12. Wemfs

    Wemfs Child of the night

    A 3 and then a 4? Never seen that before. God I hope he's in MKX. I've never had more fun with a fighting game character than I have with NOob. Look forward to your guide if he's in

    Edit: Also wish there was more footage of your Noob in action. All I can find is 3 vids, one against Big D's NW, one against Maxter's Cyrax, and one against Salad's Reptile.
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  13. D. R.

    D. R. Active Member

    All of my matches from CEO 2012 were taken down. Idk why. :-/

    My match against Bombito (Cyrax) in top five was the hypest match at CEO cause it showed both characters brokenness to the max (though Noob's requires actual skill...).
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  14. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan Element of Poetry

    2014, still playing my favorite character :3
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  15. Wemfs

    Wemfs Child of the night

    Hey Sage. How you been bro? Wasn't aware you still browsed these boards.

    FOREVER KING Day 1 phenomenal Bruce Wayne player

    @D. R.

    You upplayed Noob alot in the matchup charts bro lol. Smoke and Lao and Kabal are like 3-7's or boarderline 2-8's for Noob

    Nice guide tho
  17. Wemfs

    Wemfs Child of the night

    @Madzin didn't play the Kabal match up like it was borderline 2-8. He put all of us Noob mains to shame when he played against REO. It's on kombathoustans stream -- 1:05:00 in
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  18. Geoduck

    Geoduck What the hell are you looking at?

    Get a load of this downplayer. Playing nothing but top tiers seem to have spoiled you. Facing sub-par Noob players online are not arrcuate examples of what a well versed Noob can do against those you have listed.
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  19. VenomX-90

    VenomX-90 Gas Mask Reaper

    Just just, :l:fp:bp:fp:fk :d:l:r:fp :u:fp:bp:fp :d:r:fk
  20. D. R.

    D. R. Active Member

    These numbers are beyond outdated. I never went back and changed the match up numbers due to what appeared as lack of interest in the character once the Kabal army came around. Now if you want accurate match up numbers, here you go man:

    Noob v. Smoke: 4-6
    Smoke can not chip from a distance and he can not shake against upknee. I am not one to advocate it, but turtling against Smoke and taking your chip when you can will result in a win. I played Gross quite a bit in this match up. It's not that bad.

    Noob v. Lao: 4-6
    Again, not that bad. Defense pays off big time here and taking every chance to punish KL's specials. Tele can be punished with backdash upknee every time, En Tele you just walk away from. He spins to win, let him. His funeral, especially in the corner. I've played this match extensively against a former MK9 player in Kodee (The best American Mishima player in Tekken.) He could do all of KL's stupid shit before people even knew about it (EN low hat/throw bs).

    Noob v. Kabal: 3-7
    If a Kabal player plays to perfection, this is the hardest match for Noob; hell, anyone in MK almost. Will they? Fuck no. Noob can contain Kabal in the corner if he gets him there and gas mask spam can easily be caught with a will placed tele. The match is difficult, but not unwinnable.

    Noob has to take risks in these fights. If I guess right, I will kill you or put you in a really shitty situation. Do not forget upknee is +4. In the corner, that adds up to crazy chip.
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