NEC13 MKDA Grudge Match 10 Years in the Making: Tom Brady vs Check, Rivals Collide

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    The person we all know as Tom "Bill" Brady has a history that many are unaware of with the game Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. He was one of the only ones playing the game competitively in its short run, about a year, after its release in 2002. Back then Tom said something to Shock, "10 years from now some guy is going to come out of the woodwork and challenge me in this game when no one has played it in years". While Tom played competitively, Check theorized and essentially became famous for his combos, thus creating a rivalry that has great potential of colliding at NECXIII in early December.
    mktom1.jpg vs check2.jpg
    Tom Brady Check​
    Again, you have Tom Brady who is known for having one of the longest running competitive histories with Mortal Kombat and you have Check who has been creating a legacy of combos and discoveries in Mortal Kombat games for just as long. What will happen if these two collide in a game 10 years old that no one has touched for years? Find out at...

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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. ragnar0kz28
    its getting real!
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  2. CptXecution
    Why does everyone do it backwards with him? lol Isn't it, Bill "Tom Brady" Menoutis?
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  3. GRieVeR_SKeiTH
    Bo Rai Cho vs Scorpion?
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  4. DJ L Toro
    Lol making hype over a game we all worked so hard to forget about
  5. BillStickers
    Tom "Bill Menoutis III" Brady
  6. gdf
    At least it'll be funner to watch than an MK vs DC tournament. Unless I'm mistaken and there are two dominant characters in DA too.
  7. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Im still trying man.
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  8. DJ L Toro
    I just came up with the worst idea ever. MK4, MKDA, MKD, and MKDC support groups. we could help each other forget the trauma of 3d, lol.
  9. R.E.O.
    Don't lump MK4 with those games, it's actually an amazing game. Players just hate on it because of the graphics.
  10. The Ghost of Tim Static
    True, but i wouldn't say amazing. it wasn't until the BS that came after MK4 that we really appreciated the game because we knew we'd never get the run button back, among other things.

    Still playing that when it was the newest MK was like being slapped with a fish after UMK3. -_-
  11. Rathalos
    The arcade version of MK4 looks better then all the ps2 games, well aged better at least.

    Man If I had lots of disposable income and space in my basement I would totally buy a MK4 arcade machine.
  12. RL Stormy
    Nothing personal against TB but I'm cool with Check so I'm rooting for him :)
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  13. Mattman
    true dat. they also really stepped up the fatalities in MK4 i think, in comparison to the ones in UMK3. as awesome as UMK3 was, the finishing moves were pretty shitty. didnt Reptile turn into a penguin for his Animality? wtf
  14. The Ghost of Tim Static
    animalities in general were wtf

    but Midway claimed they were mocking the violence with the corny finishers in MK3, which was fine because the gameplay became hella solid by the time the UMK3 upgrade came along.
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  15. Dark_Rob
    I like MK4. I suck at it, but I like it. I had a PS1 emulator on my PSP and I had MK4 on it. The fatals were bangin in MK4. Quan leg smash forever.
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  16. The Ghost of Tim Static
    yup, until they screwed it up in MK9 :(
  17. Dark_Rob
    Its still the best fatal in MK9, but yea, not what it was in MK4
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  18. The Ghost of Tim Static
    eh, i liked Noob's wishbone & Lao's saw more. probably even more than those too lol
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