Mortal Kombat Tier List 2012

Discussion in 'Gameplay Topics' started by Danger317, May 12, 2012.

  1. Danger317

    Danger317 Active Member

    In exact order

    God Tier: Sindel , Kenshi, Freddy, Mileena
    S-Tier: Cage, Sheeva, Kano, Rain, Quan Chi, Skarlet
    A-Tier: Sektor, Jax, Cyblax, Kitana, Kabal, Ermac, Reptile, Raiden
    B-Tier: Sub, Scorpion, Smoke, Stryker, Nightwolf, Sonya
    C-Tier: Noob, Baraka, Cyber Sub, Liu Kang
    Ass-Tier: Kung Lao, Jade, Shang Tsung
  2. Death

    Death PSN: EMPR_Death

    Most accurate tier list ever.
  3. THTB

    THTB #BlackRanger Staff Member

    x THTB x
    Not trying to be mean, but I don't get the logic behind a bunch of these placements. There's only, like, 5 that made sense.
  4. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

    T4L Z911
    I'm guessing Cyblax finally consumed Cyrax and took over his entire being.
  5. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    You joined a year ago tomorrow....and this is your 10th post.

    troll account...

    also, Cage and Cyrax dont exist now?
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  6. GrandMasterson

    GrandMasterson Stryker is still alive in my heart Premium Supporter

  7. Danger317

    Danger317 Active Member

    Sorry I missed cage. *edit* added.
  8. aj1701

    aj1701 Premium Supporter Premium Supporter

    Think you've been trolled.
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  9. Danger317

    Danger317 Active Member

    This is my gift to the community.
  10. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt Staff Member

    Where are you from? Gamefaqs? If so, then that explains a lot.
  11. Danger317

    Danger317 Active Member

    Don't doubt me. I went to Evo.
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  12. Faded Dreams V

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    Woah, woah, woah. I'm from G-Faqs.
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  13. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt Staff Member

    I use this cause its about as old as you probly are.
  14. Mr.Riddler

    Mr.Riddler Active Member

    Ohoh)))) good trolling. Sonya has always got to be top tier in MK, even in this "tier list" ;):REO
  15. THTB

    THTB #BlackRanger Staff Member

    x THTB x
  16. Crimson Panther

    Crimson Panther MKX: Who's Next?

    Wow. It all makes sense now....hahaha

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  17. MK Peanuts

    MK Peanuts You face the might of Atlantis! >:]

    Im MK Peanuts and this is my favorite thread on the citadel!
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  18. MashPotatoTower

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  19. Tokiwartoothxdk

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  20. Iustinus

    Iustinus Active Member

  21. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY Premium Supporter

    Agree 100%
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  22. Red X

    Red X New Member

    I dont agree with kano being at S Tier he should be moving up to God or Broken Tier...
    Just Sayin
  23. Angel Oleander

    Angel Oleander Hellfire & DoomStroke.

    I love Lamp.

    ...I love Lamp.
  24. AK L0rdoftheFLY

    AK L0rdoftheFLY Premium Supporter

    What if this guy is right and we have had it backwards this whole time
  25. Red X

    Red X New Member

    I like your Signature LOTF teach me how to do that o wise one please

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