MLG Raleigh - More Off Stream Matches w/ ShowTime, FOREVER KING, w1nter warz, GGA 16 Bit and More

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    Special thanks to Cat, we have some additional matches to watch that took place off stream at the latest Major League Gaming event in Raleigh, NC. This event was the Summer Championship and took place on the weekend of 8/25-8/26 featuring players from all over the United States including Atlanta, Texas, New York, Illinois and more. Here are a few videos with many great and well-known tournament players making their mark in the soil.
    KH ShowTime vs CoCo FOREVER KING

    KH Cat vs w1nter warz

    KH Cat vs GGA 16 Bit

    Credit: Cat
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Discussion in 'Major League Gaming' started by STORMS, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. King_David
    Hype matches. There were so many good matches going on at the same time. I'm just glad I was able to record these. I had to record my fellow KH members.

    GGA 16 Bit After your match with Cat, you fell pretty hard on the stage and played it off like an OG :) Good thing Dizzy was there to revive you lol.
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  2. KH_Seraph
    Fuckin' aaaawwessome!!!!
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  3. Phosferrax
    Props to 16 Bit for smashing Cat. 2 hard match-ups for Kitana.
  4. prospic
    U a new member of kh?
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  5. King_David
    Thats IT_Engineer. He changed his name
  6. KungLao's Shoes
    damn 16 bit on a whole other level, he might be in the top 6 of best players right now.
  7. KH_Seraph
    Sup Krewmates. Casuals at my place tonight. Be there or be square.

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