MLG Announces Over $16K Prize Pool for Mortal Kombat 9 at Winter Championships

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Feb 20, 2012.


Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. DownfouralitY
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  2. Cibernetico
    After seeing these numbers, how could anyone serious about this game choose Final Round over MLG? That's as big a prize pot as we will see for this game, especially for the players who have stuck with this game this long.
  3. garik16
    Cibernetico, It's NorCal Regionals that conflicts with MLG, Not Final Round.

    (And no offense to NCR or NorCal Players, but that's a huge difference - Final Round conflicting would've sucked)
  4. AK L0rdoftheFLY
    Wow.........that is awesome!
  5. Awesomo
    That is a spicy meatball 0.0
  6. General M2Dave
    I say Freddy is ready!

    I was going to go anyway, but seeing those pretty $ numbers makes me excited.
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  7. GNG Iniquity
  8. Cibernetico
    Really? I've heard that it's actually Final Round that is conflicting with this due to traveling expenses for some of those players. I've heard 16 Bit say that it could possibly be a problem for him to attend MLG right after Final Round.
  9. BigMilk
    This made me wet my pants...
  10. garik16
    Cibernetico, yes Final Round - as a big tourney - is competing for travel funds. But It's not on the same date as MLG, so it IS possible to go to both.

    By contrast, NCR is on the same date.
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  11. Juggs
    Hopefully this gets a good turnout. I assume it will be mostly mid west and NE players since it's in Ohio. So basically pay day for REO and CD jr
  12. Shadow Zero Kyo
    Oh! My! God! I don't believe this. I don't care what game you play, this money is crazy!!!! I see so many players dropping their mains for kitana, raiden, kung lao, kabal, jax, and mileena. lol
    Gambling at its finest. And the way this is paying out those tournaments are conflicting with MLG
  14. General M2Dave
    Are you not forgetting the most dominant MK region, Jugg?

    The midwest, including Perfect Legend from what I have heard, will be present too.
  15. Juggs
    Who is Perfect Legend??? #Kappa
  16. K7L33THA
    Dat Starcraft moneyz
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  17. Blackula
  18. KH_Captain
    i have a feeling PL is gonna show everybody including National Fight game rankings just who PerfectLegend is. I'm not saying he's gonna win but top 3 i think so.
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  19. eskuAdradit0
    That's a lot of money. And expect same or higher payouts if you keep your community alive, so let's everyone make a major effort to bring some hype over the game.

    I'm not even in the US but you can bet that I'll be following the stream. I'm sensing there will be some crazy competition, which is really good IMO.
  20. BehindTheLight
    PL won't show up....he is scared of REO and CDjr....he doesn't want to get bodied.
  21. Cerebru
    told you.... mlg filled my pockets last year
  22. KH_Captain
    why would he be scared of REO did you not see him body REO at EVO. lol. (he may be scared of cdjr though, but who wouldn't be that dude is nasty) we'll just have to wait till this tourney to see if PL has slipped any. Only according to APEX it didn't look like it.
  23. matterovermind
    Looking at PL's recent twitter, it seems he JUST got wind of the pot for this tournament. I think it's fair to say he will be there. Going to be hype!

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