[Mar 16, 2012] Mortal Kombat Tournament ATL (Marietta, GA)

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Mortal Kombat Tournament ATL
Start Date: Mar 15, 2012 08:00 PM
End Date: Mar 16, 2012 02:00 AM
Time zone: America/New_York -04:00 EDT

Battle & Brew
279 Powers Ferry Rd
Marietta, GA, 30067

Posted By: BattleandBrew

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  1. BattleandBrew

    BattleandBrew New Member

    This will be Battle & Brew's last Mortal Kombat Tournament, which wil;l be replaced by Soul Calibur V. This tournament will have BOTH MK & SCV, but you do not have to participate in both.

    $5 CASH for one, $10 for both tournaments. CASH prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place of both. All tournaments start PROMPTLY at 8pm! All Fighting games are on PS3. Contestants are welcome to bring their own controllers.

    Remember the RULES:
    No outside food or drink
    No casuals until announced
    When you're called, show up promptly
    de-sync your pad immediately after you're done

    If you have an extra console/game/tv- please bring it. The more gaming stations we have, the faster we can get through the matches.You can RSVP on the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/219812861450566/
  2. gdf

    gdf Well-Known Member

    Read you loud and clear.
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  3. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt Staff Member

    I should be there and have 3 others coming with me. Ill confirm as soon as i know for sure. I can also bring a tv and an xbox setup with everything needed.
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  4. AK BeerGuyEd

    AK BeerGuyEd Active Member

    A huge thank you for putting up with us MK people for the last 4 months at your place once a month. A big boo for the last MK tournament though. I understand why as you are looking for bigger turnouts, but boo none the less.
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  5. AK RM Dream Sword

    AK RM Dream Sword Raven Moderator Staff Member Premium Supporter

    Well it appears that after midterms are over I will have the pleasure of traversing the forest of Interstate 20 once again to travel to Battle and Brew. It is a real pity this will be the last tournament for Mortal Kombat at Battle and Brew even if I have only been once before. This time I won't lose in the first round I'll display how I've leveled up since the last one.
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  6. AK Pig Of The Hut

    AK Pig Of The Hut Kryptonian General - Kneel Before Me

    Although im back in school mon, tues and thursday 6-10:30pm im going to try to make this
  7. AK Pig Of The Hut

    AK Pig Of The Hut Kryptonian General - Kneel Before Me

    Thanks for hosting us man - Appreciate it!
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  8. AK Smarrgasm

    AK Smarrgasm Based Yellow Shirt Staff Member

    So im guessing since the tournament is supposed to run all through ps3 that i dont need to bring my setup? i can bring my 19 inch tv for another setup if someone can get the ps3.
  9. AK Pig Of The Hut

    AK Pig Of The Hut Kryptonian General - Kneel Before Me

  10. BattleandBrew

    BattleandBrew New Member

    Hey guys, Since so many people were upset that we were going to discontinue the MK tourneys, we decided to keep them on along with SCV. Thank you so much for your support & We hope to see you at the next tournament!
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