KN DetroitBalln Player Video Tribute by TSTLP2

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Sep 26, 2012.

  • by STORMS, Sep 26, 2012 at 7:29 PM

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    Here's a tribute everyone can appreciate, soulless or not! YouTube user TSTLP2, who also made a Maxter video tribute is back with a very special tribute for the Sorcerer himself, Kombat Network's DetroitBalln! As he is arguably the best Shang Tsung player in the world with incredible adaption rate, intense speed and pressure... let's just say he's a fan-favorite. TSTLP2 has put together footage from many of KN DetroitBalln's previous tournaments including his first major won against CD Jr, NECXII.
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. MK9-SnOwY
    Sick... LBSH detroid needs to go 100% Shang ^^
  2. HGTV DrFlash44
    Why would you ever drop someone that you are that good with?
  3. TheTetraSpirit
    God, I love watching Detroit's Shang.
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  4. Zoidberg747
    I was just thinking that. Detroit dropping that shang for kabal shows how ridiculously broken he is(ok not ridiculously :p)
  5. G4S J360
    jesus christ i forgot how godlike DetroitBalln was with shang
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  6. WoundCowboy
    I don't think he has truly dropped this character. I have seen him use Shang in offstream and casual matches. But it seems like against the big boys, for the money, he likes his chances with Kabal better. I can't say that I blame him.
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  7. astronout
    Long Live Detroitballin. It's a work of art watching his Shang.
  8. MortySeinfeld
    Damn, this video is sick! Detroit's Shang is so stylish!
  9. Matix218
    So awesome! Love Detroit's Shang
  10. JAP
    DetroitBalln + Shang + Tourney + Fancy combos = HYPE ¡¡¡¡ but appears asthmatic and everything becomes monotonous ....... play to win :coffee:
  11. HGTV DrFlash44
    AND SHANG ISN'T!!! ... ok you got me there he's not
  12. MK_Salivial
    You bias choice of music ruins the videos for me. I love MOST metal. I love MOST music. But that shit is terrible.
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  13. zaf
    all the combo videos i have seen so far all have metal songs.
    they just seem to go so well with the game lol
    if you dont like it, mute it man

    Detroits shang is so gdlk. I really want to see more of it, even if he has to play reo, cdjr, etc.
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  14. KIllaByte
    I did, and I agree with your 2nd statement.
  15. AK L0rdoftheFLY
    Shang was my first character in Mk9. Even before NW. I've been thinking about using him again. Now it's confirmed.
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  16. virtiqaL
    Music choice forced me to watch this on mute.

    But respect to Detroit for sure.
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  17. Wemfs
    Detroits da man!
  18. B W1zZ
    I still remember playing detroit at his first offline tournament, his shang was always beast.
  19. bloodsport
    "your soul is mine!"
    -Alex Valle

    we have come a long way lol
  20. EGP Wonder_Chef
    im in a video getting beat up by detroit

    that means I'm now officially e-famous
  21. fr stack
    watchin someone do a combo shouldnt make u giggle like a child :D
    great vid i never seen some of these , love detroits shang,, i still remember pickin shang up after seein detroit play for de first time .. ah the memories
  22. BNA Dislexsik
    detroitballn's shang is the most entertaining to watch, thats for sure.
  23. SaJa
    Who cares, now he plays Kabal.. :(

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