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Discussion in 'Kitana' started by Mr. Mileena, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Sorry if this is misinterpreted but if by whiff punishes you mean that f2 1 whiffed is at the ideal space to be crossover punched into full combo, I agree and have taken that lesson into consideration. ;) but my f21 can do 45% no meter on unless someone has nicer bnb with no meter they care to share. I'm sure I lack knowledge in whiff recovery time on a per character basis.perhaps why I consider mk much more fun than capccom fighters. I would argue that a Cyrax's net is the best or one of the best whiff punishes in the game. ( I heart kitana)
  2. Maybe this is the wrong thread but startup (directly after khans "fight" announcement) f2 1, in my experience online, hits against everything except reptile elbow/ cage flash kick/ sub zero clone. Any other additions to lookout for?
  3. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    When someone whiffs a move, f21 blows them up for 45%. That is what I meant.

    Whiff Punish = You punish a whiffed move.
  4. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    If they jump forward, they get a full combo punish on your whiffed f21.
  5. (whiff punish)Yeah I know, minor sarcasm, being that when I play people withover 100+ wins vs losses they tend to hold block/crouch block until I make a move if I play kitana. Unless in air, but again that is in a character by character basis. For example scorpion wrecks in air. Raiden and Liu kang too I believe. defiantly liu. A good jax with meter especially owns on ground vs air. Ex Punch and elbow have taken me right out of butt boost. Maybe ex punch was a bad instant butt boost on my part.
  6. Sorry I'm not sure how to quote konqrr, but that is only true if you miss the "1." in time the up/forward momentum of "1" saves you from jip but sometimes bad timing/lag lets an opponents jip will hit before the "1" can come out, sometimes. I have the same problem with sektor's 2,1,4 before the 4 comes out. I remember after frustrating losses when I first sought the Internet for combos for strategy. Konqrr's bnb YouTube video is the first I came across. Credit for that. I'm about 500+ wins on psn. Thanks for a start.Thanks to the rest of tym posters for continued support and knowledge proliferation.
  7. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever TYM|Premium Supporter

    Lots and lots of combos here. What would you say the most important and basic combos to learn are for somebody new to the character (me)?
  8. BenGmanUk

    BenGmanUk Well-Known Member

    21~lift, dash, NJP, dash, b2~air fan, dash, fan, dash 2~fan, dash, 2~cutter 36%
    f41, dash~4~lift, dash, b2~air fan, dash, fan, dash, 4~cutter 39%
    f21, NJP, dash, 4~fan, dash, 2~lift dashx2 b2~fan, dash, fan, dash, 4~cutter 43%
    21~ex fan, dash cancel into JiP, f21~as above 47%
    JK~air fan, dash, f2~fan, dash, f2~cutter 33%

    That should get you started.
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  9. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever TYM|Premium Supporter

    I find the njp one really hard to execute so I am doing f21, 4 fan, 4 lift, ff b2 iaf, ff fan, 4 df2 for 41%.

    The timing on Kitana's combos are hardly easy to learn. Damn.
  10. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever TYM|Premium Supporter

    Am I scrub for using f21, 4, fan, ff 1 lift, ff b2 iaf, fan 4, df2 for 38% as opposed to the slightly higher damage outputs? I can land that consistently but I drop the others way too much for me to go for the extra few percent of damage.
  11. GGA 16 Bit

    GGA 16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws

    My bnb is f+2,1, b+2~fan, fan, 2~fan, 2~cutter for 39%. Am I a scrub? ;)

    If you watch my matches I do almost no max damage combos. Consistency under pressure > 5% damage.
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  12. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever TYM|Premium Supporter

    I'll give that bnb a try, too, 16 bit. Thanks for mentioning that.
  13. GGA 16 Bit

    GGA 16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws

    Don't give up on the NJP though. It's not THAT hard, I still do it a lot. The trick is to delay it. After f+2,1 start holding up, pause for a second, then punch. You're probably actually mashing it out too early.
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  14. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever TYM|Premium Supporter

    Once I get the basics down, I'll start trying to master the slightly trickier stuff with her. I think it's why I've always mained Sub-Zero: light on execution heavy on thought and footsies. Execution is not my strongest point.

    I am enjoying learning this character more than I have any other since Sub-Zero. She's great.
  15. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever TYM|Premium Supporter

    After a couple of glasses of wine, I can do it easily now. What the hell? Lol. I like your combo better as a staple but it's handy being able to do the njp combo, too. Sweet.
  16. Is there any way to end a combo leaving the opponent standing from lift/f2,1/f4,1?
  17. Mr. Mileena

    Mr. Mileena Well-Known Member

    No sir.
  18. Thanks, didn't think so. How about strings that give her advantage on block? Or that will let her jump over or away from opponent safely?
  19. GGA 16 Bit

    GGA 16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws

    None of her strings give her advantage. However a few are neutral and leave you in good positioning. With her you make them afraid to let go of block because of her good pokes and the fear of blowing up their counter pokes.
  20. Thanks, I would guess 2,1 is one of those. I mostly go for f4 after jip or confirmed cutter because every other time it is ducked or jumped over. A blocked f2,1 never seems to give any advantage a lot of d3s beat her d1 at least online they do.

    D3 vs cutter = humiliation
  21. salvificblood

    salvificblood Worst Sub-Zero Ever TYM|Premium Supporter

    Lol, I was getting full combo punished earlier online for trying to d1 after f21 and I was also getting full combo punished for trying to cross up after it (hitting me out of the air before I barely got off the ground). I have no idea what's going on sometimes. It's only -1 right? Offline, if you see f21 is blocked, the only thing your opponent can do is poke if you choose to check them with d1,surely.
  22. aj1701

    aj1701 TYM|Premium Supporter TYM|Premium Supporter

    Haha, I always find I play better after a few glasses of wine as well. I think sometimes you try to do things TOO fast and so you start mashing more, and the wine helps even it out.
  23. KH_Captain

    KH_Captain Nightwolf wannabe

    if you have trouble doing 333cutter 333cutter, try doing b33 cutter 333cutter its not quite as damaging but b33 has much better range and it's more damage than 2cutter 2cutter
  24. Quito

    Quito PSN : QuitoTheSecond

    i dont figure out how to deal 45% combo as punishing ermac, scorpion teleport or smoke
    anyone can help me plz
  25. BenGmanUk

    BenGmanUk Well-Known Member

    f21, NJP, dash, 4~fan, dash, 4~lift, dash x2, b2~air fan, dash, fan, dash, 4~cutter

    It takes a fair it of practice, especially the 4~lift section.
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