KI - team working with MS regarding "tournament concerns", new character reveal at EVO 2013

Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by STORMS, Jun 11, 2013.

  • by STORMS, Jun 11, 2013 at 5:07 PM

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    With Killer Instinct just being revealed yesterday at E3 there's been a ton of discussion surrounding it as well as a huge flow of information. One of the biggest concerns with Killer Instinct was the fact that it will be a digital game exclusive to the Xbox One. With this being said, players were concerned with the system having to be connected to the internet. Patrick Gilmore of the Killer Instinct team reached out to the community to address this concern stating that they are working with Microsoft "about just that". While no specifics were given... they make it clear that they have every intention of making Killer Instinct a tournament fighter.

    In addition to this news, moments ago on the MadCatz/E3 stream the KI team also mentioned that not only with Glacius fully-playable at EVO 2013, but they will also be revealing a new character. Who do you think it will be? Spinal? Fulgore? Someone else..?


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Discussion in 'Killer Instinct' started by STORMS, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Jer
    Hella based
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  2. charmangler
    pig of the hut asking the hard hitting questions getting results for this community
  3. G4S Killin Natzees
    He's not called Pig of the Holmes for nothing!

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  4. Enenra
    Hopefully game isn't ass
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  5. G4S KT
    maybe they'll provide arcade cabinets? that would be ridic
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  6. FrothyOmen

    >Implying Pig is the first person to think of this question or ask it

  7. charmangler
    not the first to ask but the first to get an answer
  8. GGA Dizzy
    I wonder if MS will have certain games be waived for the 24 hour restriction. That'd be boss, yet I'd be very surprised for MS to do this for the FGC. Then Halo/COD players would complain that they want to LAN and can't.
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  9. K7L33THA
    KI will be a tournament game. People have been waiting for this for over a decade. They will make it happen.
  10. G4S Killin Natzees
    Frothy dont be a downer
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  11. Circus
    How about the concern about the shared games? That can't be as easily fixed as the online issue.

    That can't be left out of the concern list for TOs...
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  12. CCVengeance
    Just to be clear you are aware the game is being developed by a company with a shitty record,right?
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  13. CCVengeance
    THis as well.Man,fuck MS.
  14. K7L33THA
    Doesn't matter. I trust my eyes and the feedback they have been getting. Besides Godzilla Unleashed was tight.
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  15. The Ghost of Tim Static
    I full expect MS to change their stance on this aspect of the console by the time it launches, so it won't even matter come time for KI drops.
  16. Circus
    I want this game to be practical for tournaments and have a local scene so bad....

    But unless it switches to PS4 I don't see even 15% of the FGC playing this if it's an Xbone exclusive.

    Fuck you Microsoft, why'd you have to be so arrogant about these policies.
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  17. Jer

    KI is a downloadable game, there's no hard copy iirc.
  18. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Who made the OG KI? What did they make before that?
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  19. Circus

    You haven't been reading much news lately have you.....
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  20. FrothyOmen
    I have been a downer on these forums for 3 years, I will continue doing this thanks
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  21. CCVengeance
    No idea.Doesnt change my statement.
  22. Jer

    What are you talking about exactly?
  23. The Ghost of Tim Static
    Well it certainly flaws your logic.
  24. G4S Killin Natzees
    You haven't even been here for 2.
    Carry on

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