KH Scar wins Insomnia MK tournament in Houston

Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by Showtime, Sep 24, 2012.


Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by Showtime, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. King_David
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  2. B Pryme
    I swear KH is the strongest fastest growing community in MK. Not saying you guys haven't been good, just saying you've all been leveling your shit up immensely. KH is probably if not definitely one of the main scenes keeping this game alive, good shit everyone!
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  3. Showtime
    In the words of Triforce "Cant talk shit about top 5, you know their serious"
  4. King_David
    Damn... no respect. I make top 8...again and you dont wanna post it lol :)
  5. Showtime
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  6. Wemfs
    Grats. Nobody likes to smile in Houston I guess.
    Showtime , can you please add the stream archive link in the first post?
  8. King_David
    Showtime link the bracket on the original post
  9. RL Stormy
    Lol posing with his winnings like a boss! :)
  10. Cat
    I'll be uploading sets from the tournament on the as usual.
    Also more pics of the tourney

    Ppl getting hype over a off stream match.

    KH seraph with the commentary

    Also side note. Showtime forgot to mention how I got robbed against scar in our 3-2 set in winners finals. Lol
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  11. xKhaoTik
    Good shit scar.
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  12. Showtime
    Good stuff in your win this weekend too
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  13. xKhaoTik
    Thanks bro
  14. KH_Seraph
    Man! That match between Dustin Wong and YoureSoFunny was MAD hype!!!
  15. NariTuba
    Scar is without a doubt one the players I enjoy watching the most. Creative, damaging and at light speed. Congratulations!
  16. Angel Oleander
    Good fuckin' games, Houston.

    Man, I hope you guys make NEC.

    If I could, I'd bribe Mr. Mileena into going. I owe that fella a drink.
  17. Ninj
    No Scar-let? Sadface

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  18. bloodsport
    good shit

    i gotta see that freddy!
  19. Showtime, you can watch his freddy through most of the tourney

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  20. prospic
    M2dave is shitting his pants now.
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  21. Jim
    The M2Dave Freddy mirror just got more interesting. Going to watch the archive soon, but I'm not ready to pull my money from M2Dave's victory just yet.

    Edit: Congrats to Scar, I shouldn't just talk about a potential match and not acknowledge that is an awesome win for this tournament.
  22. RL Stormy
    I loved the Freddy matches even though I could hardly understand a friggin word that one commentator was saying.

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