Kabal... infinite? (Done by extreme skill or cheat?)

Discussion in 'Kabal' started by Lord PsyBorg, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. Lord PsyBorg

    Lord PsyBorg New Member

    Someone just did a very strange Kabal combo on me. He spinned me, then did an aerial start, followed by Kabal's autocombo (no kicks, only punches), then jumped along with me, and somehow did it again without me being able to move. I tried holding down block afterward with no success in stopping him. He did this repeatedly for a bit, then stopped. It resulted in something around 53% damage in total, but I wonder if it could have gone any longer.

    Anyway, the question is, is this possible, and if so, by human hand? And can it go on forever as an infinite? I'd like to know for sure.
  2. ipushmycar

    ipushmycar New Member

    Re-launch. What character were you?
  3. Lord PsyBorg

    Lord PsyBorg New Member

    Human Smoke.

    EDIT: I meant Robot Smoke. Typing thoughts is somewhat different from thinking them sometimes.
  4. ipushmycar

    ipushmycar New Member

    Hmmm... I bet he just relaunched you. I'm not sure which characters can be relaunched for sure, so I guess someone else will have to give you an answer.
  5. Derek

    Derek New Member

    I smell BS

    "Kabal can relaunch combo the Robots, Sheeva, Sub, Nightwolf, Jax, Kung Lao, Sonya, Kabal. "
  6. ipushmycar

    ipushmycar New Member

    How would one cheat at this game though? Is it even possible?
  7. Lord PsyBorg

    Lord PsyBorg New Member

    Oh, excuse me.

    I said "Human Smoke", but I really meant "Robot Smoke".

    Anyway... hm...
  8. black album

    black album Active Member

    He just relaunched you not an infinite. You should have been able to block it though if u were holding block.
  9. ipushmycar

    ipushmycar New Member

    No? Re-launches can't be blocked if timed right, it's all one combo. I'm nearly certain...
  10. gsp1179

    gsp1179 New Member

    Relaunches are unblockable if timed perfectly, yes, but you can also relaunch a non blocking robot player with no problem.
  11. Annihilator83

    Annihilator83 New Member

    Relaunch FTW!
  12. TheRedPsychosis

    TheRedPsychosis New Member

    It's a relaunch. If a Robot-Smoke player plays in a way that pisses me off, I'll relaunch them.. but in casual matches, I usually don't out of respect.
  13. Mr Wiggl3s

    Mr Wiggl3s New Member

    Ya, its fairly easy
  14. Frankiebonez

    Frankiebonez New Member

    wrong, if done right its unblockable
  15. ZAQ

    ZAQ On Leave Staff Member

    It is possible to relaunch and have it be unblockable but it doesnt take a whole lot more damage off when he is kabal and most people fuck it up after the first one anyway, especially online.
  16. DAVE101

    DAVE101 New Member

    relaunch is an inf.
  17. ded

    ded Elder God

    no, its semi-inf
  18. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    Semi. Stops when the Screen does.
  19. Derek

    Derek New Member

    True, but if you go from one corner to another they'll be dead before the get to the other one.
  20. abc ur dead0

    abc ur dead0 New Member

    Yea But it's Still like a Semi, just a 100% Semi. It cannot go on forever, Like Kung Lao's Corner Hat Spin to Sujk.

    Stryker's Pop up to Gun to Dash to aaHPHP to Dash is another example of a Semi.

    And I dunno Sugar. Kabal has a very weak Pop up. It may not kill someone.
  21. ipushmycar

    ipushmycar New Member

    Meh... 100%, infinite, either way the opponent is dead :)

    I still think Nightwolf's corner infinite is the coolest thing. I no longer fear robosmoke, yet look forward to him :)
  22. Annihilator83

    Annihilator83 New Member

    O rly? :lol:
  23. ipushmycar

    ipushmycar New Member

    Heh, I think since I've played you I've only been beated by a couple robo-smokes :)
  24. Shaney

    Shaney Member

    LMAO!! i look forward to NOT playing your Smoke at ANYtime.
  25. TheRedPsychosis

    TheRedPsychosis New Member

    I based my Robo Smoke off of the two times I've played Annihilator. I always use invisibilty, and I use the spear quite often. But, I'll never be able to match his skill with him.. I mean dayum.

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