Issues with MK: Komplete Edition? Please Read!!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 29, 2012.

  • by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 29, 2012 at 11:52 PM
  • The Ghost of Tim Static

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    Ok, seems like there are some issues with the MK: Komplete Edition, which was released this week. Reports are that some of the DLC characters werent showing up in the game, and were no where to be found. Well, TYM user @DeathAndHealing has figured out why this might be happening, and has the fix. Check it out:

    Anyone with these issues should try this out, and I will contact NRS to see why this is happening & if its something they can fix or just comment on.
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Enenra
    Full write up on MKKE in detail:
    Wow I love MK9 but NR is shocking, they need to get there act together... MK9 online still fucking sucks! Still desyncing/arcade stick desync glitch and random drop outs. You'd think they would of tried to fix it? SCV is so sick online, I'm from Australia and I'm playing dudes from new York to Italy and so on. Yet I have a hard enough time connecting Aussies in MK9
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  3. Bildslash
    In the streaming words of wisdom of Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez:
  4. CYracks

    I cant believe it! NetherRealm is fucking retarded?
  5. Qwark28

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  6. G4S KT
  7. PND i2 Gaug3
    really i think NRS only did this to support the Tournament scene which i think is Fucking excellent! cant wait to see if the got this copy at gamerbase next week Jax human arms here i come
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  8. Pig Of The Hut
    Man Ok this is embarrassing
  9. Durpity Durp the heck did you make front page???? Anywho, If anyone reading wants to play a competitive Liu Kang, (which we don't see much of) then look up DeathAndHealing on xbox.
  10. Chaosphere
    I don't get why you guys thought this was going to be a new/different game with more content in it. Nobody ever said that at all, so I don't know why you would expect it. We've known for awhile now it was just going to be MK9 with all of the characters, costumes, and the latest patch.
    I'll be bringing a copy either way now that I know the costumes and characters are already there for us to use.
    Get ready for Hektor/Shangtor/Chinktor/Sektoriental/Steve/Sektroll/Jetpack Li! :p
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  12. Durpity Durp
    So the latest patch .... where is it? should I have downloaded it by now?
  13. Howtoread
    I'm bringing a copy too, so it looks like we'll be good for dlc characters from now on.
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  14. DeathAndHealing
    Yes, sir. My favorite melodic death metal band. Waiting 5+ years for their new album, lol.

    @ Durpity Durp. Online is trash, lol. How is it someone can go fifty/fifty against a tournament player but than get obliterated online to some low levels? I must have the worst connection in the world for simple commands to come out 3 seconds later.

    PS: Yes everyone, that is MY foot. :)
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  15. UsedForGlue
    The more I hear about MKKE having nothing new, the more I get really pissed off about a wasted opportunity to further the game.
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  16. Squeaker101
    I agree with UsedForGlue. I was getting hyped for the Komplete Edition, now it doesn't seem worth it. Except for tourneys, but since when was there one in Canda? :(

    DeathAndHealing - I freaking love Wintersun! :D
  17. Konqrr
    Testing fail is fail
  18. Zato1984
    That's why Capcom Community will never respect us. Thanks once again Ed Noob

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