Injustice - Character feedback from Arturo Sanchez from playtesting at NetherRealm Studios

Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by STORMS, Mar 22, 2013.

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    As Hector mentioned on the PAX East stream, there were several high level players who were brought in to test out Injustice to make sure they could help with development and balance. Arturo Sanchez and NerdJosh of Team Sp00ky were two of these playtesters. After the showing of Injustice on the PAX stream, Arturo began answering tweets concerning how certain characters play. Needless to say he was bombarded with tons of questions. Here are a few of his answers.

    art1.jpg art2.jpg art3.jpg art4.jpg

    If you have a question about Injustice that Arturo might be able to answer, give him a follow (via nycfurby)and send your questions!
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Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by STORMS, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. xInfra Deadx
    Man, this game screams "zoning game" all over.
  2. IceNine
    Keep in mind that this is all coming from a very zoning-biased player. I think he's happy to have a game where his style of play is somewhere even resembling equal footing with offensive play.

    I'm happy, too.
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  3. PadWarrior
    Awesome read looking forward to batman and Nightwing
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  4. Neclord
    Batman, the new Kung Lao. I knew it. Patch pls. =D
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  5. Phoenix90
    Exactly, he comes from a zoning background, he's just stating that zoning is actually viable in this game
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  6. Jack White
    There is NOTHING wrong with playing keepaway. I hate hearing people whine about it like it kills a game. When in 90% of these games rushdown>>>keepaway nobody complains, Arturo says it's balanced here and some people are up and arms. So annoying.
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  7. CCVengeance
    Superman top here we go!
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  8. usedcarsalesmang
    Batman already compared to Kung Lao? It sounds like Perfect Legend had an inside scoop.
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  9. AssassiN
    Sounds like I made the right choice going with Nightwing.
  10. Juggs
    So my initial mains are good (Aquaman, Green Arrow)? Success! Now I want some info on Lex!
  11. NB Semi Evil Ryu
  12. CCVengeance
    See I knew Batman looked to be the most well-rounded character in the game.
  13. KombatNerd
    Nightwing yes.

    Also, I heard Dhalsim! There's too many characters I want to play in this game.
  14. GGA Dizzy
    MK9 was touted as a rushdown/offense-oriented game. Kenshi and Kabal #1 and 2.

    Injustice, NRS is going out of their way to make zoning good? Mother of God.
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  15. 1man3letters
    awesome they put invinc frames on backdashes,very happy to see that
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  16. KungLao's Shoes
    kung lao and batman comparison made me settle on batman.
  17. yautjared
    so, Sinestro and Batman top high tier already, without the game even coming out ? lol @ that :p
  18. MKF30
    That's fine, Sinestro does not interest me in the least bit. Batman maybe would play around with, but no intentions on maining him. I'm going to use Raven, Doomsday, GA, Shazam and Supes. Possibly Killer Frost and Flash.
  19. Circus
    He just mentioned that Lex has traps and good setups into grabs on his twitter.

    He also said Bane has 3s Chun's low forward!!!!!! A grappler with that strong of a footsies tool? This game is going to be SOOOOO much more footsie heavy than I thought. Great job NRS!
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  20. Edu_camaBR
    I guess i'll have to change my gameplay style a little to use Nightwing at full potential. Not really a problem. :p
  21. STB Sgt Reed
    Batman... MK9 vanilla KL? YES PLEASE.

    But the zoning... ugh, I hate zoning.
  22. hellbly
    and the grapplers too!

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