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  1. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    Absolutely, I'm off the weekends so we should definitely do this. I'll pm you so we can arrange us coming up there

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  2. Awesome... Hit me up!

    - I.C.E.
  3. pkrstdnt

    pkrstdnt Noob

    Just a reminder about Texas Bar Fights 12 going down on June 29th in the DFW area. You can register online to save time and $5 on the venue fee.We will be hosting Mortal Kombat and Injustice plus more of course
  4. Trip Se7ens

    Trip Se7ens Nom Nom

  5. greguu

    greguu GOTCHA

    I am living in College Station right now & I am excited that Houston has started having weekly tournaments. I would like to come to the weeklies when I can.
    How much is the entry fee?
    If I am not mistaken I think I heard on stream that it is held at a private residence, so could someone pm me the address?
    Cat Showtime KH Royale
  6. Showtime

    Showtime Reptile/Sonya

    With cat in school the weekly day might change, pm me your number and I'll text you when we are having casuals, I'll probably be hosting this Saturday

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  7. You scrubs would change the day.....guess you guys tired of Barry sitting on the throne, and this was the only suitable solution lol.
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  8. Pnut

    Pnut Mouth of the Illuminati

    I also live in College Station if you would want to play together sometime. xbox-live gamertag: stuka
  9. Pnut

    Pnut Mouth of the Illuminati

    With school coming to an end in roughly 2 weeks, I'm curious as to what is going on in Houston during the winter break. I'm from Beaumont, but I'm willing to travel for any locals going on during the break.
  10. pkrstdnt

    pkrstdnt Noob

    Calling all Injustice and MK players to our next Texas Bar Fights. If we get enough pre-reg for either game, we will host it!
  11. KH_Captain

    KH_Captain Nightwolf wannabe

    1. All Houston area MK/injustice players @Showtime @Cat @FCP/EMP SCAR @KH StarCharger and any other mk/injustice player. Its been a bummer i havent been able to focus on mk/injustice in a while, but thats done. Looking for kombat oppurtunities ANY saturday night. My apt is open game for casuals any sat. Night and most fri. Nights. Problem is i no longer have anyones number from breakin my last phone. Shoot me a text or vm (i screen) @ 8325499217 or email @ [email protected] to set somethin up or to just invite me to an existing casual session.
  12. Does anyone know of any midnight releases for this game? I'm planning on buying a PS4 this Tuesday and want to pre order the game while there but if there's a certain store that will be releasing it at a midnight release event I'd prefer to just get it there. I hate waiting if I dont have to.
  13. Humble Texas anyone? Anyone?
  14. Envythis

    Envythis XBL: EnvyJayR

    Houston,tx. Where are the local gatherings. Anything off 290?

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