Other Gz to zaf for the tournament win.

Discussion in 'Ermac' started by Metzos, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. MK9-SnOwY

    MK9-SnOwY Tankata2 @ Youtube

    Eh SnOwY
    thats what i thought too :D
  2. KamikazeJD

    KamikazeJD Makes women fap

    You said u were leavin us! Im glad u didnt! You did us proud my brotha!
  3. zaf

    zaf prof.
    Staff Member Moderator

    Im glad someone knows the pain of this. Get the read or just see jumping, slowly walk back, doesnt let go of the dpad, b1 comes out
    =[. at least I did land some standing 1's though. As well as one NJP on Jer in the mileena mu for the unbreakable combo for the round.

    Check the ermac video thread that is stickied.
    Thank you!
    I am out to prove something now.

    Metzos, after this tounrney, Jer finally agrees with me that the mileena vs ermac mu is 6-4 ermac.
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  4. exyle

    exyle Noob

    gratz, bro
  5. Metzos

    Metzos Ultimate Destruction
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    zaf, glad to see that i m not the only one seeing it that way man.

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