Greece - 3rd Winter Cup MK9 Tournament

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    The folks in Greece are back to it once again with now their 3rd Winter Cup Mortal Kombat 9 tournament. In Athens, Greece to be exact and held by the Greek Dojo via www.GreekDojo.Gr, the finest Greeks give you another taste of their level of Mortal Kombat. Enjoy this 42 minutes of tournament action thanks to metzos13.
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Feb 11, 2012.

    mpravo paides!!!amazing my friends..keep it up and goodluck to worldcup !!
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  2. IKizzLE
    That AA standing 1 from Nikolass' Sektor was on point. Ima have to scratch the AA d1 from my game....
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  3. Pound IC
    Great stuff
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  4. Konqrr
    If this video was not linked from here, there would be no possible way to find it on YouTube.


    Downloading it now.
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  5. Metzos

    Yeap sorry about that. The title is gonna be fixed soon enough. Hope you enjoy the videos m8.
  6. Metzos
    Hope you enjoy the video guys.
  7. smokey
    Looking forward to WGC, gonna be good to play you guys!
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  8. Konqrr
    Just watched the first match... metzos13, you are an Ermac God.
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  9. PND_Mustard
    17:33 holy crap that standing 4 anti air into TU was swift
  10. SwiftTomHanks
    Every time there's a post about you guys my reply is the same; you Greek's are the shit. All hail lord Zues.
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