Full Results for MK9 at Winter Brawl 6!!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 20, 2012.

  • by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 20, 2012 at 1:23 PM
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    Mortal Kombat at Winter Brawl 6 was a huge success this past weekend, with MK9, UMK3 & MK2 all seeing some amazing action. Of course, you know who won, came in 2nd & 3rd, so here are the FULL RESULTS for MK9 at WB6!

    Thanks to Blackula for the results!

    1. vVv CD Jr.
    2. vVvREO
    3. VSM Crazy Dominican
    4. Maxter
    5. Death
    5. Sawnik Fawx
    7. LB NYChrisG
    7. TS Sabin
    9. VSMKT Smith
    9. AC1984
    9. Kevo Da Man
    9. Tom Brady
    13. PimpUigi
    13. Blackula
    13. VSM Rapzilla
    13. WNBA Swift Tom Hanks
    17. MK Peanuts
    17. Jer
    17. VSM Scoot MaGee
    17. Mike metroid
    17. Shady XD
    17. Neo Russell
    17. VSM Klassy Sasquatch
    17. Free Nine
    25. WNBA Zaf
    25. VSM J360
    25. Eazail
    25. Ernov Aku
    25. Street Sweep 187
    25. Tyler Roemer
    25. Beat Down Mao
    25. Hellion 96
    33. VSM JamesMK aka Paper Legend
    33. VSM Pherleece
    33. KPB Meanest Rage
    33. Ray Riazy
    33. WNBA Rev0lver
    33. Pecka Powa
    33. Josh The FunkDoc
    33. Squirt McGirt
    33. WNBA Claude Von Stroke
    33. Lt Box
    33. Oblivion
    33. Ryan Barnadie
    33. vVv 7L
    33. Stupid Monkeys
    33. Relaxed State
    33. VSM Hitoshura
    49. Flipin Flava
    49. Tempest
    49. Ty Camp
    49. Sun Lioness
    49. Joe Kachma
    49. TYM DanCock
    49. Pumpkin King Express
    49. vVv Esoteric
    49. TYM STORMS
    49. New Paradigm
    49. Goldfish
    49. Skkra
    49. Magneto Halfway
    49. Billy Awesomo
    49. VSM Summ0ning
    49. KPB Kakarot
    65. LB Bear
    65. Fury of Frog
    65. Matthew Chang
    65. QB Eagles
    65. Amadeo Vidaic
    65. Sack Ram
    65. Pat The Enforcer
    65. Michael Landus
    65. CGM Naniwa Tiger
    65. Andrew Bontua
    65. The B-Hole
    65. Timtachi
    65. VSM Shock
    65. Guns Tariq
    65. K Hunter
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by The Ghost of Tim Static, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Shady
    The handles change from event to event.
  2. RapZiLLa54
    Ah i see, gotta keep em on their toes.

    I just realized our Match handles going against each other is kinda hilarious. RapZiLLa vs Shady the true battle for hip hop dominance lol
    Shady likes this.
  3. Shady
    Bahahahahahaha. I didn't even realize that. I also entirely forgot that we ran like 10-15 games on stream casuals before the real deal even started.

    That Reptile costume.
  4. RapZiLLa54
    Shall it forever haunt your dreams! lol
  5. G4S Claude VonStroke
  6. G4S Claude VonStroke
    Let's be honest all we really care about is Maxter... :(
    Shady likes this.
  7. G4S Claude VonStroke
    Since death is WNBA maybe SawnikFox will join. DAMMMNNNNNNNN could you imagine?
    Shady likes this.
  8. Scoot Magee
    KT Smith's name neads to read K mutha Fucking T mutha fuckin Smith. Smashing skulls.
  9. RapZiLLa54
    Scoot "SPIT IN THAT BITCHES FACE" Magee lol
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  10. Jer

    Btw I was WNBA Alice, but my name didn't go up as that
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  11. G4S KT
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  12. Syntsui
    Why didn't Spooky upload the top 8?? I want to see it so bad.
  13. jamessmk
    As, I said before tournament. This is CDjr for the taking. But, keep in mind Mr REO is creeping up. Had to earn that belt with a little work and sweat. Congrats to CD, Maxter, CDjr, REO, Chris G, Sabin "All the NY crew" Plus Death, and Sawnik Fawx <-- what this kid go.
  14. RapZiLLa54
    Shhh I'm trying to infiltrate the enemy and destroy it from within!
  15. jamessmk
    33 hell.. Did not think even that high.... But, at [​IMG]least the future is written now.
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