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  1. I was looking around the Freddy boards and wasn't able to find any real match videos. I figured it would be helpful to all the residents of Elm St. if we have a video thread so people could watch how others are using the lurker of nightmares! Once we have enough videos, I will catalog the links according to match-up here in the OP so that we can see how freddy handles various characters. Lets get posting!

    For all videos, I will label them in the following manner. First will be a subtitle telling what character freddy is fighting. Below I will post the links. I will first name the player using freddy, and then the opponent using whoever the character is.

    M2Dave vs. Tom Brady -
    M2Dave vs. Tom Brady-

    M2Dave vs. MasterD - (NOTE: The video goes full screen at 1:25. )

    M2Dave vs. Forever King-
  2. Bidu

    Bidu .:. The Chill of despair .:.

    Try typing "m2dave" at youtube. I'm sure something will show up?
  3. Looks like you're right kind sir! I'm gonna add his matches to the thread!

    EDIT: Before I continue putting these videos in, could you tell me how i can post the link without it imbeddng the video?
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  4. DarKNaTaS

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    There is a bunch of videos at the kombatnetwork archive on twitch.
  5. EGP Wonder_Chef

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    Here are some videos of me from the EGP tournament over the weekend:

    vs IGL MIT

    vs WoundCowboy
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  6. Jim

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    Thanks for posting, I still can't believe I watched every streamed match of Final Round and there were no Freddy players. Just signed up for MLG so I really want to scrunge all the info I can on Freddy. Such a cool character and so under represented. Hopefully that will work to my advantage.

    I saw a few times you went for b1,2,u1 u3 f4,2,1 but I think it was broken every time. What is the full combo? and how much damage does it do? I do this version and wonder if I should switch: b1,2,u1 double dash b2 f4,2~enhanced ground spike, dash back jip f4,2,1~ground spike ground spike. (damn his combos are confusing to write out) I don't remember how much damage that does, I think 35 (38 off jip)
  7. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Earth's Mightiest Mortal (Kombat Player)


    It does like 48%ish.

    I took it from Teef's tutorial video which is really awesome tbh.

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