ETC McFly Presents: Kung Lao Bonus Track 2

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Apr 8, 2012.

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    He is back, ETC Mcfly, the man from Chile who has brought us numerous Kung Lao videos showcasing combos, strategies and purely entertainment returns with "Kung Lao Bonus Track #2" featuring the latest version of the game, 1.05. One of the best things to take from this video would have to be his "X-Ray Shaolin" follow-ups in the corner getting your max damage. Check him out, this guy's timing is insane and on point!
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. DiegoMK9

    would be great to see him play at EVO ..

    or to display their videos!!
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  2. fr stack
    wow great stuff as always mcfly, you, tony t and doctrine dark are GODS
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  3. Tomblessor86
    Damn! sick ass Kung bro. saludos!
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  4. ETC Mcfly
    thanks guys for your support!

    I look forward to contributing to the community and hope to travel to Evo!
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  5. fr stack
    evo needs your kung lao sell your kidneys if u have to ;)
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  6. ETC Mcfly
    lol.... the truth that since Chile is very expensive to go .. I hope, then any sponsor or someone to help me the trip! .. the desire for me this and I want to compete
  7. ragnar0kz28
    Of what iv seen you have probably the best Kung Lao out there would be a shame not to see it.
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  8. ZtrideRz
    McFly can you help me out here your combo midscreen the jip Tele3 24 spin jkdk 2 exhat 11 24 3+1 2. 51 percent how are you doing the jip and Tele3 24 spin without it being blockable after the tele3??
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  9. ETC Mcfly
    try to be there .. I hope someone help me! .. I have met many people here that I would love to share ....
  10. ZtrideRz
    Any help please m8 really don't get it.. please.
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  11. ETC Mcfly
    is the hardest part of the combo ... I'm doing a tutorial to help explain this increase in damage with KL .. Beware the error occurs when you put 2.4 (you know this?) (Glitch Stand switch) .. Practice Test Mode Automatic lock mode to see if you can connect in combo "JIP" Teleport + 3 (just press immediately connects Teleport 3 + 2.4) (this is much like an infinite KL had vanilla) .. Soon I will upload the video
  12. ZtrideRz
    Ok well I'm fast with Lao I never drop a combo but I wanna be on the next level matrix style ill try this thanks.
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  13. ZtrideRz
    Haha I got it mcfly your a legend truely worthy of being the god of the greatest mk char. :)
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  14. ZtrideRz
    O mcfly it works with 21 spin aswell its about delaying the kick..
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  15. ETC Mcfly
    honored by your words .... friend

    The Matrix is waiting for you ... that you can do this ..

    It also works with 2.1
  16. kilnkilagn
    With all due respect: That's just a bunch of impossible shit. What system did you use, and what controller? And please explain the version (1.05) of the game. There hasn't been 5 patches since it's release. It's been, what, 2 or 3, right?
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  17. ETC Mcfly
    First, I inform you that all this is possible.

    the console is listed as version 1.5, but the update number 3.

    i use Fight Stick customized control for me .. (made by friends) Lever Happ & Happ buttons. (Full Happ) for Xbox360 console.
  18. kilnkilagn
    "...a bunch of impossible shit" was sarcasm. That was my way of saying that what you did was absolutely incredible, and I'm blown away by it. =) As for your stick, do you mean the one with the yellow buttons in the X-pattern and white bat? I watched some of your tournament videos and saw you using it. And thanks for video. I'm using some of the strategy you showed and it's helped a bunch. Also, the editing is outstanding. You're a talented guy.
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  19. ETC Mcfly

    I understand .. I do not speak much English and sometimes I can not understand.

    I stay clear his idea

    that good that you're using and many people also

    soon publishes more technical ..

    thanks friend!

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