Dublin, Ireland|MK9 Casuals w/ 1man3letters, Lar, Jun DP, Nutrient Featuring UsedForGlue!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, May 26, 2012.

  • by STORMS, May 26, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    STORMS "I said... shake, rattle and roll!" Staff Member Administrator

    The guys from Dublin, Ireland recently got together for some Mortal Kombat 9 casuals w/ Nutrient, 1man3letters, Lar, Jun DP and an appearance by UsedForGlue via online games. There is over 5 hours of footage here of these gentlemen dooking it out with a variety of characters. Check'em out!

    Source: Nutrient & 1man3letters
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, May 26, 2012.

  1. MashPotatoTower
    3rd video 9:32 see it works dammit! Lol

    Awesome! There is a shortage for baraka footage no more
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  2. 1man3letters
    u mean when i blocked the ice clone? what about it?

    well you can thank Nutrient for the footage, he set it all up.
    more to come hopefully so subscribe and follow and all that jazz :D
  3. Jun_Dp101
    Thanks for checking out the videos guys and sharing etc. and for putting it up on front page. tym is awesome, wouldnt get the same love from srk >.<

    also we're looking to stream whenever we can possibly with more irish players like Usedforglue
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  4. 1man3letters
    thats because the mortal kombat kommunity is fucking s-tier :D

    yea hopefully we can do another one in the next week or two man,was so much fun.
    if only they got to see all the crazy stuff from all the XGC kasuals :coffee:
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  5. KungLao's Shoes
    how do you do that brutality like thing with kung lao?
  6. 1man3letters
    depends on when u hit them when finish him comes up i think,
    dont use lao to much though.... UsedForGlue could you confirm the method
  7. KungLao's Shoes
    much appreciated, bro. Ive never seen anything besides forever king use it and then I suddenly saw glue do it. so can even anybody do it besides lao?
  8. 1man3letters
    if it is to do with hitting them at right time everyone should be able do it i guess but then again,i could be wrong,ive done full combos with mileena lodsa times on finish him
  9. UsedForGlue
    If you can move with Kung Lao as ''Finish Him/Her'' comes up on the screen, then you can do a JIP/Teleport combo and continue it as long as you can keep it going, online will eventually cut if off on you, but offline, it continues for a while longer.

    You can't :x from the brutality though... :(
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  10. UsedForGlue
    Every character can do it, but only Kung Lao can combo into and out of a teleport...

    If you finish with an :x , do a jip combo, with cyber sub, I do JIP :fk:fk:bp Short Bomb, or with reptile I do JIP 321 :ex Slide, Spit or Stealth.
  11. KungLao's Shoes
    thanks bro,

    Off topic I just had my way with a pretty good kitana just now who was trying to rush me down. and then he tried to zone me when that didnt work out but I just sat there and he chucked fans until he got impatient, after that he tried to square wave at me and I spinned that shit on reaction, the guy was like wtf is this bs lol. playing you helped a lot.

  12. SomeCubanGuy
    O rly?

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