Dublin, Ireland|MK9 Casuals w/ 1man3letters, Lar, Jun DP, Nutrient Featuring UsedForGlue!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, May 26, 2012.

  • by STORMS, May 26, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    STORMS "I said... shake, rattle and roll!" Staff Member Administrator

    The guys from Dublin, Ireland recently got together for some Mortal Kombat 9 casuals w/ Nutrient, 1man3letters, Lar, Jun DP and an appearance by UsedForGlue via online games. There is over 5 hours of footage here of these gentlemen dooking it out with a variety of characters. Check'em out!

    Source: Nutrient & 1man3letters
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by STORMS, May 26, 2012.

  1. XXFleshtrapXX
    That's once nice Raka
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  2. 1man3letters
    im taking "since" is a good thing?? lol

    thanks to STORMS for the front page.

    also ignore any frame data we spit out, ireland has its own frame data :p

    ps,in the 3rd video, i show a funny baraka glitch ;)
    ps2.the echo in part 1 goes away
  3. ragnar0kz28
    wow min 22 : when Fishes get mad omg that baraka is awsome!
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  4. 1man3letters
    thanks man,
    baraka fish? not in europe my friend ;)
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  5. gdf
    Which video is the cage mirror? :p

    I enjoyed watching these casuals, maybe I should put the lesser known streams in my sig.
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  6. 1man3letters
    i THINK its in part 2, cant remember

    thank you very much sir, im glad you enjoyed it, it took me a bit to cop on globaldefenseforce was you :oops:
  7. gdf
    thanks for pointing it out.

    heh, it happens all the time. I deserve it after the bad Southern Ireland joke.
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  8. 1man3letters
    yea i heard someone say south ireland and i was like ftw? :confused:
    we should be doing another one soon, more people next time ;)
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  9. Crathen
    Good stuff guys , keep it up
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  10. 1man3letters
    thank you sir, we plan to do some more recordings soon
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  11. RL Stormy
    Thanks for posting!! :)
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  12. TotteryManx
    LOL. I was watching this already then I seen it's on the front page lol. Nice.

    EDIT; 1man3letters , it's nice to finally see another aggressive Baraka player. There are tons that just sit back and spam spark/charge over and over. It's giving us a bad name lol. You didn't seem to use the f+4 after juggles as much as I thought you would.
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  13. XXFleshtrapXX
    Yeah damn man, edit that retard shit, I did this. lol
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  14. 1man3letters
    thanks man, yea i only really the f4 in corner, i do use it midscreen a good bit aswell, im just been messing around with different combo enders besides the f4 for certain setups and stuff.

    didnt use it too much in this but im REALLY digging the f2,4 combo ender that SomeCubanGuy brought to my attention, i like the string normally but theres some funky stuff you can do using it as combo ender
  15. 1man3letters
    its ok man, i guessed it was a typo, i was just playing ;)
  16. XXFleshtrapXX
    I seriously believe your Baraka could compete in the states, no one plays him aggressive like that. We gonna get some more streams from you guys in the near future?
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  17. 1man3letters
    thank you very much, id LOVE to bring my baraka over to the states, pretty bummed i wont be a evo :(

    yes we plan to do another one either next week or the week after, ill post them when they do happen
  18. jamessmk
    Great stuff 1man. Showing off those Baraka skills. Watched some will watch all when I get a chance tonight
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  19. 1man3letters
    thanks james, much appreciated
  20. jamessmk
    Use that u4 you will find the places that fit best.
  21. 1man3letters
    yea whenever i threw it out in that session it was blocked :(
    risk/reward is a bit weird on that move, much like the chop chop, it has the extra bonus of that you can feel the opp feeling like a idiot when u hit it
  22. jamessmk
    YEah I am trying to learn good bait tech with it as well as footsie into it. But like you said blocked or missed you are FREE.
  23. 1man3letters
    u3 and b4 great for baits in alot of situations, whiffed b4 to charge is godlike
    also i find there is ALOT of setups baraka has after a blocked spin, far move than with a blocked slices

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