Does anyone mod a hitbox?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by saix88, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. saix88

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    I play on a 360 and I really want a hitbox, but it's not available on hitboxarcade to who knows when and no adapters work on it, so I was wondering if there is anyone out there that can make it work on a ps3 and a 360? I would really hate to eventually have to buy 2 so I can play at local tournaments. I can't find any kind of e-mail address on their site either...any help would be great.
  2. Goldy

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    I have a theory that the wait list is just to generate hype. I was put on the waiting list on October 4th, told it was ready a few days later and got the hitbox in the same month.

    Xbox claims to have a longer wait, but I would be surprised if it was terribly long.
  3. saix88

    saix88 Banned

    If I want to buy it there is no option for the 360 though. But what I really want to know is if there is a company or something that can mod it to make it possible to work on 360/ps3.
  4. hamjay711

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    Checking my email, I have been on the waitlist since August 4th. I didn't put in the comments that I wanted one for Xbox, so I'd assume I'm on that list.
  5. eskuAdradit0

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    why dont you build yourself one?
  6. saix88

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    I took apart an xbox controller and it took me an hour to put it back together...
  7. Jep, I'm modding my hitbox. What I'm doing is:

    Order Imp V2, USB Jack and MC Cthulhu Upgrade Kit from

    Order the ps2 to Xbox360 converter at

    Upgrade the Ps3 Cthulhu board inside the hitbox, use the ps2 output to convert to xbox 360 and put them together using the Imp V2. Also, I´m taking apart the xTokki device, solder the wires directly onto it and just leave it in the hitbox. This way I don't have to drill extra holes. Further, I don't know how the MC Cthulhu detects ps2. Maybe I just have to upgrade to MC Cthulhu and just use the xtokki converter externally. I'll have to test that.

    I'm still waiting for components. I ordered the pcb's at but it's almost a month later now and I didn´t get my stuff. Also they are not responding to mails. I still have to place my order art godlikecontrols. So I couldn't verify if all the parts work together the way I described.

    I will write up a topic when I'm done doing this because there are a lot of people out there that want an xbox-hitbox. :) [EDIT] If it works
  8. Chaosphere

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    The xbox360 version works on ps3 as well. It's dual modded. Otherwise you could buy the ps3 version and have someone dual mod it.
  9. saix88

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    Why do you need ps2 converter?
  10. saix88

    saix88 Banned

    Why is the 360 dual modded but not the ps3? Any proof of this being a fact, because all I know is the 360 version isn't available.
  11. Chaosphere

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    Yeah they are not available yet because they are still waiting for the PS360+ PCBs to actually be manufactured. They've been waiting awhile but they still aren't done yet. And the PS360+ will be a multi console PCB. It definitely handles 360 and PS3. The PS3 hitboxes are made with the Cthulu PCB. That one only does PS3, but can be dual modded with a wired xbox 360 PCB. Hitbox sells the ps3 hitbox as is, but you can always get it dual modded later if you choose to.
  12. Well, you could go for a ps3 to 360 converter but they are scarce, they don't seem very reliable and neither of them even confirmed to work with hitbox as far as I know. The ps2 converter I have (xTokki) has a lot better reputation. No lag and such. I don't know for 100% if it works with MC Cthulhu but the converter is only 20 bucks, and I'm have good confidence that it works.

    Dual modding a hitbox isn't the same as dual modding a fightstick; you cannot just put in a hacked xbox-pad because of the SOCD (when pressing opposite directions together). You're only options are basically Cthulhu boards with a converter. As far as I know. Open to suggestions, btw.

    There are currently no custom boards that support xbox360, or very hard to get. And the boards that will support xbox360, will also support ps3. Maybe someday there will be a MC Cthulhu update that also supports xbox360. These things are firmware upgradeable.
  13. saix88

    saix88 Banned

    great, guess I will just wait lol.
  14. Snarfulz

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    I can mod, customize, or make any stick or hit box, check out our sticks in the stick thread. "Whaaat", We just made BeerGuyEd and hit box. It was sweet.... Hopefully he will put pics up soon, If he does not we will.
  15. Leon

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    Hey I need to mod my hitbox asap, im going to a road to evo tourney at the end of the month and I use a hitbox. Just yesterday they said they were going to be running all the games with xbox. Im willing to mod my hitbox, I need help though, I have an electrician who will be doing all the saudering, I need a how to though. Snarfulz, if you could lend a hand I would be eternally grateful.

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