CMK's UMK3 Tournament (9-24-2010)

Discussion in 'Tournaments, Results and Match Up Info' started by X820, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. psycho4rent

    psycho4rent Top Kontributor


    Last night i haven't any internet connection...

    Sorry for issues.
  2. X820

    X820 New Member

    There is only a winner, then the rest who lost.
  3. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech Staff Member
  4. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech Staff Member

    yea i seen i failed so i fixed it, so double post ftw
  5. ZAQ

    ZAQ On Leave

    Who are you talking to?
  6. X820

    X820 New Member


    I'll record my stuff tomorrow and post it, too lazy now :)
  7. GoldenOreos

    GoldenOreos Arcade Tech Staff Member

    look at u being slick
  8. ZAQ

    ZAQ On Leave


    Yeah man I swear you would think I had never uploaded a youtube video before after last night. Trying to upload a 17 min video for some reason.
  9. Chamma

    Chamma New Member

    Please don't post OUR matches. It's too laggy for everyone to enjoy
  10. X820

    X820 New Member

    The recordings play back at normal speed, despite the lag, but i'll sure mention it :)
  11. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    I tried every time to record my matches with Miss Spin, but it never took. Oh well.
  12. SuGaR

    SuGaR Guest

    You need to get on AIM more since I retired from XBL and play with me on MAME.
  13. Konqrr

    Konqrr ManBearPig

    Will do man.

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