ATTN INJUSTICE FANS: MLG looking to add a fighting game - We need your help!

Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by Cabronium, Mar 7, 2014.


Discussion in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us' started by Cabronium, Mar 7, 2014.


Would you like to see Injustice be MLG

  1. YES

  2. No.

  1. Krayzie
    The NRS community returning to MLG? I'm in 100%
  2. Yoaksssss
    Already Retweeted and commented on that post!
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  3. Cabronium
    Awesome! We all need to!
  4. TopTierHarley
    Who voted no? Anyway I would love to see a game I'm good at be MLG.
  5. AK Smarrgasm
    Bombarding him may not be the right way to do it. From the post it seems they already have the game in mind and my first guess would be Melee as they have been looking into it more and also been talking about it.

    Would love to see Injustice make it into MLG as it did wonders for MK. Only time will tell and hopefully like the post says we will know soon.
  6. Cabronium
    What would you do instead? Would nintendo let them do that?
  7. Relaxedstate
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  8. exyle
    Damn, that would be awesome~!
  9. Euphoric
  10. RM GamerBlake
    Favorited, retweeted, and replied!

    Let's get our game there, people! As someone who has formerly attended an MLG, let me tell you this...if you don't support the idea of getting Injustice on their roster, you will be missing out.
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  11. astronout

  12. ZAQ
    Yes. gogogo
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  13. Yoaksssss
    Probably MylesWright.
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  14. Cal-EL
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  15. Cabronium
  16. Marcus
    Yes! Tweeted him.
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  17. Mr FiF
    This would be fucking amazing!!!
  18. Yoaksssss
  19. prospic
    I remember them asking Arturo advice if injustice is good for mlg
  20. Compbros
    Didn't the NRS community prove itself with MK9 at MLG? Don't know why they wouldn't have Injustice on the short list.
  21. Vulcan Hades
    I have some CREDIBLE SOURCES telling me it's going to happen. :)

    Of course by "credible" I mean high and by "sources" I mean hopes. :DOGE
  22. ColdBoreMK23
    Ahhhh, back to my old stomping grounds. I say YES.

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