Apr 7, 2012 Saturday Night Lagfest (Xbox Live)

Discussion in 'Xbox LIVE!' started by XBL Mind Gamez, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Edgar Inc

    Edgar Inc DiveKicks are in Style.

    Lmao. Yeah, I've been a member for quite some time actually Lol, I just rarely post. And I'm mostly in private koths which is probably why I'm never found xD . As for the love mail, I'm not sure lol. I compliment friends when they beat me, so that's probably the love mail of which they speak.
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  2. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Talisa Soto


    That's why I never see you ever! You played Rain too in that room we were in, you wrecked my Jade then came our Sonya mirror.

    *Adds TOS Nerdd for Friend Request on XBL* <3 Sonya

    Costume 2 FTW, I call white tank top with short shorts first XD and you get the grey camouflage cap with short shorts <3

    Dive Kicking Boots!
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  3. LesMore

    LesMore Brooklyn Brawler of the community...

    thanks man I know its not for sure but I really appreciate you helping me out... see you saturday!!!!
    also i am very interested in playing next weeks tourny if you are having one...
  4. STB Bodam

    STB Bodam BodamEscapePlan

    I hate working so much during the week. I missed the sign-up again!

    If there's anyone out there that I could fill-in for; I'm available. So is my friend; ParchedTwo529.

    I'll be at my girlfriend's but I'll be on my alternate account which is "vVv Bodam" so if anyone is a no show, I'd love to get in.

    Thanks in advance,
    Bodam (The Rain player)
  5. KevoDaMaN

    KevoDaMaN DRS|MCZ

  6. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Talisa Soto

    *Looks at KevoDaMan & FOREVER KING in the flowchart*

    *Gets sent to Loser's Bracket*

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  7. KevoDaMaN

    KevoDaMaN DRS|MCZ

    Swag gucci Swag hella high swag over a mill
  8. XBL Mind Gamez

    XBL Mind Gamez Rorschach please!

    Get Hype people.
  9. STB Sgt Reed

    STB Sgt Reed Online Warrior

    who is... "kevo da man your buddy"?

    Is that a place holder or someone's actual GT? lol
  10. CitizenSnips

    CitizenSnips A seldom used crab named Lucky. AKA Citizen Snips.

    Are the spots full?
  11. XBL Mind Gamez

    XBL Mind Gamez Rorschach please!

    Just be in the lobby snips im sure somebody wont show.
  12. BookBurning

    BookBurning Voidwards

    I want in again if it's not full.

    Rain Reppin.
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  13. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid NE Propaganda Artist Staff Member Premium Supporter

  14. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid NE Propaganda Artist Staff Member Premium Supporter

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  15. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid NE Propaganda Artist Staff Member Premium Supporter

  16. Faded Dreams V

    Faded Dreams V Retired June 2012. Unretired June 2013.

    Are you threatening me?!
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  17. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid NE Propaganda Artist Staff Member Premium Supporter

    Yes :cool:
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  18. LIMA BE4N


    "Winner is Character locked"
    Gotcha :D
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  19. dribirut

    dribirut BLAK FELOW

    you should change my name to my gamer tag blak felow so there is no confusion

    AIBOSTON Don't be mad!

    Is it too late to sign up...havent been home
  21. Gruntypants

    Gruntypants Real Soviet Damage!

    What timezone are you speaking of when you say 11:00?
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  22. BDMao88

    BDMao88 Filthy Casual

    Eastern, the only one that matters.
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  23. Wemfs

    Wemfs Child of the night

    Oh I'll be there for sure.

    My GT is DbLuNtMaStA btw. Just so ya'll don't say I'm not in the lobby and DQ me ;p
  24. can i still sign up?
  25. RTM2004

    RTM2004 Talisa Soto

    Now I remember you! You were that Reptile player I played in Ranked Match recently. I was trying to remember who to give GGz in the XBL thread. That match was intense, round 3 anyone's game. My Sonya's Air Grab for the last hit win XD

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