[2.11.12] EGP Arkade Kombat - RESULTS!

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Krayzie, Feb 12, 2012.

  • by Krayzie, Feb 12, 2012 at 6:42 AM
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    Full results of this amazing tournament will be released as soon as possible, along with video highlights, including the 4v4 Las Vegas vs SoCal that took place.

    For those that came out to this. Thank you so much for making it an exceptional tournament, and I hope to see you guys at the next one. We had 40+ players, not including some locals that couldn't make it due to work, etc.

    1. MIT
    2. DJT
    3. Shoryuken88
    4. XBlades
    5. EGP Tyrant
    5. Online Tony
    7. Flawedzilla
    7. SatsuiYesHadou
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Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Krayzie, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Son ov Timett
    Well the two lads I know who were first timers, definitely said they'll be back next month. There's a lot of good players too timid to come out to these events. Need to spread the word, get these homebodies to show up, and help build this kommunity towards EVO and beyond. Hopefully the Vegas crew can make it out again soon.

    March 10th, get Hype
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  2. Brownie
  3. EGP Wonder_Chef
    I am a sad cat.
  4. ragnar0kz28
    wow cant believe DJT got 2nd i saw hes liu and was good but dindt think he was going to plase hat high i thouhgt Tyrant was going to win
  5. TomlulsBrady
    I cried when Tyrant lost, that shit hurt me for real.
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  6. Angel Oleander
    This show was awesome for my Sub to learn from.
    Awesome all the way around, but definitely showed me a few good things to remember for later.
    Great stuff as always from the West \m/ X_X \m/
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  7. BigMilk
    Is there an archive for this?
    Stream archive twitch.TV/epicgp
    Also what did yall think
    of my scorp?
  10. rev0lver
  11. Konqrr
    Trollv0lver... shaddup.

    MIT, your scorp was good man. Congrats on the win and your bro for taking 2nd. Vegas really represented well.

    Downloading the archive now to throw on my ipod... 5 hours of fun to watch again.
  12. Flawedzilla
    Thanks EGP and Socal for holding a amazing tourney with over 40 Entrants. Loved it and had tons of fun. Again showing that Socal has a ridicilous amount of high level players. Shout outs to us LV players holding it down and representing.We will return another month. Btw IGLMIT Scorp was holding it down for sure.
  13. MITDJT
    Lol major trolling
  14. Krayzie
    Major props to Las Vegas. You guys came prepared!

    Next time we meet up again, I have a surprise for all of you. Till the next one! ;)
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  15. MITDJT
    Expect like 6 chars again from me and subby and Lui from djt lol
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  16. Briyen
    i've gotta say you look just like the kid with the kontroller kontroversy at Evo2011, who knocked out detriot ballin and then had to replay it, i was rooting for you if it was

    what does IGL stand for, but man you guys are coming out of LV, i love the NoobSaibot showing his tourney viability

    gj EGP for hosting and playying, good men, needs better commentary though haha, but still very entertaining
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  17. MITDJT
    Yep im the one who beat detroit but there was an issue with the controller i was using and thanks for the props. IGL stands for Immortal gaming league
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  18. Flawedzilla
    IGL = Immortal Gamers League, a Lan Center here in Las Vegas where we host tourneys.
  19. GGA 16 Bit
    which socal/LV guys are coming to FR besides Flawed?
  20. Flawedzilla
    I'll cry if it's Smoke because behind the hands of one of the smartest players of our MK generation /sigh..... hard times to follow.
    Expect me to bust out some of my hidden characters as well (Not NOOB!)
  21. Flawedzilla
    We are unsure atm, we are trying to get all 4 of us to come out, and also to attend MLG in Ohio!
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  22. Red Reaper

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