May 12, 2011
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    1. Justice
      Hello, kind sir! I was wondering if you could help me out. I would like to learn how to compile frame data like you and was wondering if you would be willing to impart some knowledge this way?
    2. SZSR
      ? Well i'm sorry you feel that nobody notices you, but you're definitely making an impact on the community bro. The randomness of XXZ made it memorable. Sorry if this is random, but TYM takes notice of all of its members, not just the big guys.
    3. SZSR
      You changed your name!! :( Why the sudden change?
    4. LOCO
      so since its +5, does that mean noobs backpunch at 10 frames, is realy like only 5 frames if followed up after? or is that not how it works?
    5. LOCO
      thnx man
    6. LOCO
      ty very much, greatly apreciated
    7. LOCO
      hey can u look into noob's b2 1 (not the whole string)
      it leaves them in a staggered state on hit, and it seems to put noob at advantage... dont know though
    8. funkdoc
      thanks a ton for all your work! never would've thought of the human sektor stuff haha

      if i'm in any position to make requests (if not then i'm very sorry and you can safely ignore this!) i'm interested in a few moves for kano. mainly b+1, f+1, f+11, and choke. also d+1, d+3, d+4, and b+112 would be interesting but to a lesser extent. thank you again!
    9. eskuAdradit0
      haha awesome, I can wait.
      thank you again, you're really helpful.
    10. Delriach
      You are teh awesome :D
    11. THTB
    12. eskuAdradit0
      XXZ I just wanted to thank you for all the frame data you've been doing.
      If you could give frame advantage/disadvantage on block on shang tsung's fd then I'd appreciate it so much.
      thank you again.
    13. Hitoshura
      ok cool thnks bro. Ima need to save up. I mainly need it for my Noob Video guide im making.
    14. Hitoshura
      Ill do my research on wht programs its compatible with. How much did u spend on it anyway?
    15. Hitoshura
      srry bout tht little dispute we had the the noob frame data thread earlier. Just didn't understand wtf was going on and I need solid evidence to see if the move was 8.

      by the way the device u use to record ur stuff 60 frames per sec is a capture card? If so what do u use?
    16. spongebob
      Thanks for taking the time to do the frame data for characters like sektor, quan chi etc your awesome :)
    17. SZSR
      Hey what's your avatar? It looks like EVA from Metal Gear Solid but i'm not sure...
    18. redeyes
      where did you get that Mileena with the kung lao hat avatar!?!?!? i want that soo badly )':
    19. Sage Leviathan
      Sage Leviathan
      With the rumors of Mileena's nerf, I believe you have the best avatar I've ever seen XD
    20. Somberness
      Thanks, I was thinking of taking it down after a day but maybe it should stay. :D
    21. spongebob
      Lol gdlk sig and nice points regarding Mileena's d4. I agree completely.
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