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Socal casual tourny feat. Tyrant, Legend, Slayer, Chef and more Oct 6, 2013

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    1. Raian1614
      lol gg its silvaslaya from the TYM KOTH today
      my stryker couldn't handle your cyrax, I just can't trade with you man lol.
      good luck at devastation
    2. AestheticLove
      Hello I just wanted a little advice about jade. I'm trying to use 2,3,f2 as a combo ender and I'm having trouble connecting 1,2,then 2,3,f2.It normally comes out as a f2. Do you have any advice or are there any better ways to end a bnb? Thanks.
    3. Joker8417
      GG's yesterday man, I found out quick yesterday I need to step up my game haha.
    4. PsychoToad
    5. PsychoToad
      Krazie we NEEDD some casuals :D
    6. rpg
      what do you think of freddy?
    7. ADR Napalm
      ADR Napalm
      Yeah man, do you have a ride out here?
    8. ADR Napalm
      ADR Napalm
      Yeah pretty sure I am.
    9. rpg
      good luck at evo with jade. =]
    10. STORMS
      wnf tonight?
    11. Samsung Crunchy
      Samsung Crunchy
      I'll try and make it next week. My girlfriend has been oddly keeping my busy on the last few Wednesdays.
    12. UGTL
      yo son, its Bmarq from the UGTL of Course. Hit me for getting together casuals on a regular basis. I am more than willing to get something going, and I am starting to branch out and work a lot more with the community. So let me know whats good and we will go from there. Hope all is well.
    13. rpg
      you made it congrats man =]
    14. STORMS
      you guys and your fucking name changes

      getting tired of typing that shit or somethin?

      Well, you're no GANON and you never will be! I know you're envious of him!
    15. The Ghost of Tim Static
      The Ghost of Tim Static
    16. The Ghost of Tim Static
      The Ghost of Tim Static
      no, nothing yet. :(

      i'll IM him when or if i see him on tonight
    17. The Ghost of Tim Static
      The Ghost of Tim Static
      Mmmmmm LOOKS YUMMY!!!
    18. ADR Napalm
      ADR Napalm
      Oh damn a lurker! Just kidding :P
    19. AestheticLove
      Not to be a creep, but any match i watch of yours i learn something new.
    20. AestheticLove
      Just watched your match on Justintv and i wanted to say your jade is very inspiring. (:
    21. The Ghost of Tim Static
      The Ghost of Tim Static
      [IMG] for the icons
    22. MKF30
      I know it's about offline....I understand fine, others don't understand that right now I have more important things to do....the only way for you to understand what I mean is if you're out of work for a while, have no income, dating scene, hanging with friends, saving for a car, going back to school while not being sure for what...etc, etc I don't have the life of luxury like a lot of these guys have with going all over. That's great and all but I'm not that, I'm just a solid MK player that's yet to be able to participate offline...but I assure you, as far as "MK" itself is won't find a more loyal fan then me...and you'd really have to know me personally to understand what I mean. I'll go to these things when I'm ready and can ;)
    23. MKF30
      Just want to let you know I'm apart of the FGC online but like I've said, I have priorities people either get that or don't...simply put. When I have more time to kill, I'll attend more offline events that are actually local, not in another state. Red just made that post to bait replies with "Asking MKF again?" Otherwise he could have just imed's common sense really. But thanks for closing the thread at least. I get it now that certain people don't get it, so I'm not even go repeat myself anymore. If I come on here and make a few posts a day, that's off time I have. It's not like I'm posting on here 24/7.....I just set my settings to stay logged in, it doesn't mean I'm here though. Peace
    24. THTB
      Haha oooooold. :P
    25. lobo
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