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Socal casual tourny feat. Tyrant, Legend, Slayer, Chef and more Oct 6, 2013

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    1. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Hi Glend, long time no speak. I was wondering if you could do me the small favor of removing the negative posts from this thread so it doesnt get derailed like the one I made on MKU. I wasn't keen on making it over there but Dirty told me I should. I know this is the place that supports tournamnet go-ers so that's why I chose TYM for this thread initially. Thnx for your time, hope to see you again at NECXII!!.....if i'm lucky.
    2. VOR
      what's the official registration page?
    3. VOR
      some friends from nor-cal and i will be coming to so-cal regionals. i'm extremely excited to go and actually i'm lucky that things worked out. We did also make a facebook page at Check it out if you have a chance. There's only 14 ppl on there but we just made the page. We're trying to get enough people for decent tournaments up here. Michaelangelo is on there too. Take care.
    4. DanCock
      hey sorry over looked my wall messages, just send pms i cant see wall messages on my ipad.. anyay DONT FUCKING SELL YOUR PS3.. nec isnt that important..
    5. Samsung Crunchy
      Samsung Crunchy
      Text me the address for the sessions on Friday at Southgate. I think you still have my number.
    6. XBlades
      thats retarded.... LMFAO
    7. VOR
      My session mates and I are on the front page on that "proof that the norcal scene exists" post. But yeah we've been having sessions at my house in Oakland, and we're just trying to round up more and more people for west coast action and hopefully tournaments. It feels weird that we are having to revive the bay area mk scene from its death, but it's been fun and we're gonna keep at it!
    8. xZEPPELIx
      You have a better chance at winning with Cyrax though lol
    9. DetroitBalln
      Damn, sorry to hear that man.
    10. DetroitBalln
      This is what i'm talking about:

      Vvv_krayzie: My Kabal is better and I've used him for 2 days.
      Vvv_krayzie: when I figured out kabal iaf was godlike
      Vvv_krayzie: that kabal was ***
      Vvv_krayzie: sorry for my rant
      Vvv_krayzie: im mad
      Vvv_krayzie: shory can do better
      Vvv_krayzie: he could walk right through those fireballs
      ยป he wasn't even doing instant air
    11. DetroitBalln
      Why are you always talking bad about me? If you didn't bother making it out, then just don't say anything. You really have no room to talk.
    12. KingShaz
      First time MK ever debuted, as in the original MK.
      MK one release was on oct 8 1992 arcade edition which started it all ---> 19 years later today
      I don't know if its front page worthy but yea.. today's the anniversary of when MK first released.
    13. KingShaz
    14. THTB
      Lol yeah...I wouldn't be able to help cuz I'm poor too.
    15. THTB
      I know, lol.

      Man, imagine if we could've had turned BMF into a DMG or vVv.
    16. THTB
      Yo...check out who just joined TYM. ;)
    17. DetroitBalln
      I noticed that people like seeing others get upset, so I try to play along, lol.

      Cant wait for Devastation man. I'm glad you're going to be able to make it out. See you there.
    18. DetroitBalln
      No it doesn't bother me, lol.
    19. VOR
      nice match on mortal monday! got weird for a sec but really solid showing.
    20. VOR
      have you seen what the ermac damage is looking like now? I haven't found the specifics anywhere. Someone said there's not many changes i guess.
    21. rpg
      are you going to be playing this weekend?
    22. VOR
      oh that's cool. props to you for being a part of the tournament scene really early on and showing ermac some love. i'm maining him now and doing well but i need to master another character. it's just that some matchups are kidna bad for him i think. but that's sick you got into jade, she has a lot of potential. i played a really good jade once that made me think she was the best character in the game.
    23. VOR
      hey waht's up i'm new on here. are you from the bay area?
    24. rpg
      Cyrax, aww man i hate that guy lol i struggle playing against him a little bit...
    25. rpg
      Still using that jade man, along with ermac? :)
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