GGA Slips
Apr 21, 2007
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GGA Slips

Feared by dragons. Desired by virgins.

Premium Supporter Apr 8, 2014

    1. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      lol Mr. Mileena damn straight (pun intended) war is manly as fuck
    2. piemaster
      you need to round up the posse. its been too long since ive played a match offline!
      1. GGA Slips
        GGA Slips
        My Mondays have been occupied it sucks. It might be possible next week tho. I'll let you all know.
        Apr 26, 2012
      2. piemaster
        sounds good man
        Apr 26, 2012
    3. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      lol K7 i need to rant about this in the next podcast I'm fuckin MAD.
    4. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      My advice: Never listen to a woman's advice when it comes to women. They know less about what they want than men.
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    5. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      I coulda got laid last night by an extremely hot girl...and fucked it up. GOD DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      2. GGA Slips
        GGA Slips
        lol that actually helped bro thanks for lookin out. =P
        Apr 26, 2012
      3. Enenra
        Np man, stay classy. You'll get it in again
        Apr 26, 2012
      4. Insuperable
        Sucks to suck. :)
        Apr 26, 2012
    6. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      The roll can be blocked
    7. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      Turok 2 was amazing indeed
      1. drklledbydeth likes this.
      2. piemaster
        one of the best 64 games without a doubt
        Apr 26, 2012
    8. GrandMasterson
      Hey Slips, have you tried doing a D1 anti-crossup and dash into 3, teleport, 111, spear? I was experimenting with your D1 into D4, spear and realized I could do the above instead.
    9. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      "The Atlantic Ocean did the Titanic no favors but for Foxygrandpa thats a different story." -Tom Brady
    10. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      Derptile has the coolest name and avatar lol
      1. Derptile likes this.
    11. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      Only the east coast players? You mean the guys you beat in money matches? *sigh*
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    12. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      lol Scorpion is bottom 3 then.
      1. Gengar likes this.
      2. Gengar
        Apr 25, 2012
    13. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      Kizzle must be playin more of that XBL. =P
    14. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      New KTP episode should be uploaded tonight with Justin Wong.
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    15. Death
      Hey man do u ever play on XBL much? If so id love to play you dude. Whats your GT?
      1. GGA Slips
        GGA Slips
        Sounds great yo, XBL: Slipkicks
        Mar 29, 2012
    16. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      Nah won't be able to tomorrow got some previous engagements i gotta address.
    17. RedRaptor10
      Hey Slips I was wondering if there will be casuals tomorrow?
    18. swag1
      Hey man, do you have any tips for landing the Spear, Jump Kick ~ Teleport, F4,3 Spear Vortex. I'm trying to land it consistently.
    19. sub_on_dubs
      I wanna second what Espionage said man. The show and community would not be the same without you man. I don't think anybody doubts your skill as a player. Everybody loses at some point or another and I think everyone knows how one sided the matchup is between scorpion and kitana. At the end of the day, its just a game. Just have fun.
    20. Espionage
      Hope you don't quit Slips. I still loved the Tom Brady & Slips match. Go back in the lab and keep training. Your still the best Scorp hands down. KTP ain't the same without you and 16 bit. You gotta keep doing it!!
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    21. PimpUigi
      Hey, did you ever beat TMNT 1, on the NES??
    22. freshprince2
      freshprince this kind of behavior is unacceptable and this post has been removed. Please refrain from this offensive behavior, I really don't want to have to ban you. You have been warned.. - B W1zZ
      1. Saint

        mad props overall slips, you did well

        you adjusted to noobe but it was juuuust a bit too slow
        Mar 4, 2012
    23. Vagrant
      You goin to UFGT in may? I'd like to get some mirrors in with your scorp.
      1. GGA Slips
        GGA Slips
        Probably will, sounds good.
        Feb 21, 2012
    24. Under_The_Mayo
      Hey. You guys are not banned in Mexico. Videos play fine. Slap k7 please.
      1. GGA Slips
        GGA Slips
        Ha, I'll let'em know.
        Feb 20, 2012
    25. GGA Slips
      GGA Slips
      I wonder if Kevin Costner will be a Pall-Bearer for Whitney Houston's funeral?
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    Amateurs practice until they get it right. Professionals practice until they can't get it wrong.
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