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It is time... Jul 25, 2015 at 8:39 PM

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    1. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      But only when NRS buffs Kano.
    2. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      Dan, I'm volunteering to help...
    3. Gweedo888
      Hey man great job at mlg u took out my boy noobe lol had a freddy question just wonder are there going to be any updates to the freddy guide?
      1. General M2Dave
        General M2Dave
        Thanks. The fight with Noobe was too close for comfort. I went down 0:2 but somehow managed to make a come back.

        And yes. There will be soon. There may also be a video or two.
        Mar 26, 2012
      2. Gweedo888
        picked up freddy after fr morty has been trying to help me with him and sonya cause I like how sonya and freddy complement each other dark natas said to pick you brain on an issue I was having with the jip b+1,2u1 u+3 f+4,2,1 I seem to have a hard tme connecting u+3 to f+421 any suggestions also are there other mix ups that b3 ex spike to jip b121 and jip b12u1 nms2 b2? Hopefuly that makes sense lol
        Mar 26, 2012
    4. Gweedo888
      Hey man great job at mlg u took out my boy noobe lol had a freddy question just wonder are there going to be any updates to the freddy guide?
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      2. General M2Dave
        General M2Dave
        As long as you have proof of payment, you should be good to go, even if there are errors.
        Mar 18, 2012
        wut if they are roster locked at 128 and they dont accept? thats what im worried about
        Mar 18, 2012
      4. General M2Dave
        General M2Dave
        As I said, I wish I could help you, but I'm not involved with management. Your best bet is to get a hold of Sabin.
        Mar 18, 2012
    6. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      I agree. There is a lunatic who thinks Kabal vs Stryker is 5:5.
    7. xxteefxx
      hehe hey buddy!! dave ur post was to the POINT!! can i beg u to re edit ur post for FR reasons ? haha i am totally serious!!

      please PLEASE!! if u can, i would appreciate it!! haha...and it was to the point....please keep it SHUUUSHYYY!!! (shhhhh) lol
    8. AK Vip3r
      AK Vip3r
      So in our matches the other day, did you notice anything I shouldnt have been doing with freddy to improve my game?
    9. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      I think there's usually around 300, but the vast majority sucks. Almost every second player quits on me. SCV can have them.
    10. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      So now you know Freddy's match ups better than those who use him? K.
    11. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      What are you talking about? Smoke beats Freddy 6:4 without resets. It is not a horrible match up at all without resets.
    12. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      @DarKNaTaS, forget about using Freddy on Smoke. We are going to need alternative characters.
      1. DarKNaTaS likes this.
    13. Krayzie
      Yeah... lol Funny day.

      I still support MK and I will practice for Evo, I just wanted to shape my game up for SCV. Hope to play you on both sometime! Are you coming to FR?
    14. Krayzie
      My bad, the thread was closed.

      But no, I haven't quit MK. Just right now I'm spending a significant amount of time on SCV, I'm seriously addicted to the game right now... lol

      Its really good. I don't actually have online atm until Thursday or Friday most likely, but I heard it was really good online. I'm doubtful though.
    15. Mr. Mileena
      Mr. Mileena
      when will you be on?
    16. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      @THTB, really? Explain in the top 5 thread. I would love to hear the reasons.
    17. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      Ah, MKF30. You can always count on this man's stupidity for some comedy early in the afternoon.
    18. General M2Dave
    19. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      Smoke players deserve to play nothing but Kung Lao players.
      1. KT Smith likes this.
    20. rpg
      Who else do you use besides Freddy? =]
    21. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      MasterHavik, I'll ask Tim to include your top 5 when I talk to him later on.
    22. xxteefxx
      ....of course man..... not a problem at all...... and i do understand you have nothing against me for sure.

      take care and have a good night. :)
    23. xxteefxx
      and i dont have to claim anything PERIOD! i dont even care Dave...really .... not because i dont play the character then it doesnt mean i dont know their potential, AT ALL!
      i am not gonna go deep into this. if u were offended, then i apologise...though ur the one who started this by mentioning my name and sayin something which was un true.
      if i am only able to show the shouts at MKU, i would've done it instead of talking..sadly they are pruned and gone.

      it comes down that at the end, i play for fun...because it's a game. my get away from really, i dont care about those stuff man. i dont have to prove anything as well as i really dont care :S
      hope u understood what i meant. have a good day and merry x mas.
      consider this incident never happened.
    24. xxteefxx
      i dont care bout the game when it comes down to that man...u have to know the sole reason i am atached to this game is because of the friends i am making!
      simply put my life been misreable for 4 years now as i am taking care of a whole family by myself and it's gettin worse! this is my only relaxation! u have to know that i wont pass through drama because simply put, i am here to have fun and not turn what i have in real life into my fun.
      thats what bothering me...cause i am a respectful person and i wont EVEN bother in dis respecting others, because really i will gain nothing!! no point to be childish and go talk about someones back, PERIOD!
      if you read it, then you must remember that i said this:
      "with all due respect"
      " i am not saying that dave is a bad player" PERIOD! and i stressed about that
      " i dont like to take at someones back, because i dont do it"
      like even mentioning something about someone who isnt there i consider it talking about someones back :S
    25. xxteefxx
      on my defense, to prove i never did EVEN insult you!! not because that i brought up your name, then it means that i unsulted you or even Undermined you (whether personaly, or as geeky as this shit game skills).
      so to end this, bring this guy who told you that, and we will talk the three of us...if he's able to bring THE SLIGHT prove that i talked shit, then all i can do is simply apologise unless you wanted something as an act from me. if he did not, then simply dont bring stuff like that to me EVER AGAIN!

      if it's you who read it, with your own EYES....then tell me, what did i say? cause really if it's.....then u have no excuse

      i am out. if u dont have a logical answers, then please dont bother me anymore...and dont cross the line again by acting/insulting with this childish act.
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