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Apr 23, 2014 at 2:16 PM
Apr 22, 2011
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CD jr

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no jr is not a capcom player now Jan 26, 2013

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Apr 23, 2014 at 2:16 PM
      yo nice job at season's beating, i was really bummed out that i couldnt make it. but its nice to know that there other high level jaxs out there, congrats (:
    2. KINGSHAZ33m
      Congrats on the win, very entertaining matches;)
    3. Insuperable
      I see no posts about your Jax here, so... Phenomenal Jax, bro! Love watching you in action. Hit me up, if you ever want to try some PS3 online :P I can only play my brother when he's in the mood to, but I only like having sets against people I talk to/don't quit on me after 3 games :( Plus, I need to get better online because I can only attend VSM/any other nearby places on rare occasions because of school :/
    4. R.E.O.
      Made a thread, post in it.
    5. R.E.O.
      Yo, ohio wants to do a 5v5 against NY, are Maxter and CD going? So far I know it's just you and I on team NY. there's also gonna be Rob, Hito, and Classy but I haven't asked them about it, yet.
    6. EarthRyno
    7. EarthRyno
      Hey man! I love watching your matches! Always good stuff. I have a quick question for you, and it's probably a dumb one. What do you think the match-up is for Rain against Mileena?
    8. R.E.O.
      What about Kabal vs Jax? I had it at 7-3 but this is before the patch. Erik Warda thinks it's 5-5 now. What is your opinion on new buffed Jax vs Kabal in this version?
    9. R.E.O.
      What do you feel Kabal vs Rain is, match-up wise? I have it as 5-5 right now but I want input from a top Rain player. What do you think it is?
    10. scarsunseen
      congrats on the win btw
    11. scarsunseen
      Ahh ok. Maybe i'll go to another Local Battles event in a month or two and beat you haha
    12. scarsunseen
      Hey, I'd like to play against you some time. I was the only girl gamer at Local Battles in Jersey. Feel free to hit me up on PSN some time, ScarsUnseen. Peace!
    13. BLaCK InF3RNO
      BLaCK InF3RNO
      Yea most def, looking forward to it. Always lookin to enhance my game and hopefully reach the level of play you guys are at
    14. BLaCK InF3RNO
      BLaCK InF3RNO
      Hey CD jr hope to get some expert tips from you on sunday at etc. First tourney im goin to for MK
      yea i understand, its cool man. i would still like to play you tho, even if there is a little lag you can still tell if its a good player or not haha. and are you going to Seasons Beatings? cuz i most likely will be going there, and that will be my very first offline tourney
    16. CD jr
      CD jr
      my gamertag is xHDPxBxFreaK
      hey whats up man. your on xbox live? if you are you should let me know your tag. i would love to get some games in with you sometime, i heard alot of good things about you (:
    18. CD jr
      CD jr
      Hey everyone follow me on twitter @CDjr02
    19. Shadow Zero Kyo
      Shadow Zero Kyo
      Good job winning summer jam man, you had some really great matches. Btw are you going to 8 bit on saturday?
    20. xxteefxx
      Congratz CD Jr. i fought ur brother but didnt fight u. maybe next time. great rain man :) congratz on summer jam again and hope to see u in either the coming salty batle, or the NEC on December
    21. redeyes
      armor...... hahah guess who.
    22. CitizenSnips
      hey man i was that reptile you played casuals with before the tourny started. just wanted to say congrats, your rain is awesome
    23. PeeJaeys
      Damn you, you called it with your rain my nigga. Your rain got really good since fucking SB4 Good shit. Dude, my bad I didnt go I was at the hospital man. I was so upset that they made me stay on my birthday. Don't worry though I got you for the room though. I'm really sorry, I don't like letting people down.
    24. Neb saibot
      Neb saibot
      Good luck at summer jam man i'll be rooting for your rain and jax. :)
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