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Jan 11, 2013
Feb 8, 2010
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Mount Olympus
God of War

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AREZ God of War

The Crazy BeastMaster, from Mount Olympus

drank too much Vodka last night......feel sick now Dec 1, 2012

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Jan 11, 2013
    1. CD jr
      CD jr
      i know lol everyone started cakking me jr so i just stood with the name
    2. CD jr
      CD jr
      im his brother dude lol
    3. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      Chill out, dude. I'm good friends with REO. I was being sarcastic.
    4. Krayzie
      You don't need to make threads for this man. Just let us know, and we can try and help.
    5. Krayzie
      Ah, sorry about that man. I'm having issues with my internet.

      If you need any help, just let any of our staff members now. Talk to Storms and see if we can help you out somehow. I'd definitely help you out man, but my flight for NEC was $330, plus other stuff. I'm broke now. :(
    6. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      haha Cant. Need money and i cant afford to miss time etc etc with Xmas coming. Hasnt been a good year, financially. :(
    7. Tim Static
      Tim Static
    8. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      Yo whats up man? Yeah I'm a mod here now lol...I just got a job today too back at, I go to orientation on the 29th. But yeah I'll stay in touch man
    9. FiNAL-LiFe-G
      i dont know you, but it was a random add. i like MK so i added
    10. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      you didnt stop, thats the point. and trust me, we saw that and will take appropiate measures against that bullshit. believe you me.
    11. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      what do you think? its one day. and i ask you to stop doing that in the SB from here on out.
    12. Check
    13. THTB
      Sweet. We'll definitely get those...possibly tomorrow. We may end up going to a pet store and getting everything we need. Right now we just have the tank and a light and a filter.
    14. Check
      Good to hear from you Eric. I'll add you. Sorry that i havent. I'll delete someone later.
    15. Krayzie
      Don't worry about it man. We are all meeting up at WB anyway.
    16. STORMS
      Hope to see you next month, bro. :top:
    17. Tim Static
      Tim Static
      I am gonna try. i really need to get out there again.
    18. NoDoubt
      yep read it cool
    19. Check
      Good stuff. I forgot about Muggs vs Bill.

      Gotta love how Muggs still finds new ways to innovate. I wasnt feeling Paz trying to outshine everyone though. Begining of his verse was ehhh. Rest was dope. B killed it. Bills was solid for the most part. Only thing with Bill is the Muggs connection. It didnt sound like Bill spittin over a Muggs beat at first.
    20. B W1zZ
      B W1zZ
      Yo whats up man? We need to get down on some UMK3 or SFA3 sometime. Hit me up.
    21. Check
      Ah its all fucked up. If i see you i will talk to you about it. Had a decent day today in makeup for it, but wtf lmao. All i can say. The whole is just really "what the fuck". Im used to it, so like i said, i will stay here and go to school, but im out after that regardless with a job. I'm cool, but I appreciate you looking out. Also good looking out on the mentions of me in UMK. You didnt have to do that, but good looks man. We'll get some games in soon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.
    22. Check
      Very high. Very bored. Just waiting for the knicks game later i guess, and scanning my computer. had some overcooked chinese and well... shit is not going too good right now for me here in NJ. im prolly moving back to florida soon. Just trying to finish school... How you doing?
    23. AC1984
      Happy Birthday man! best wishes for luck,good health and happiness.
    24. Check
      still waiting to hear back from you about playing. let me know whats good dude? i figured you'd hit me up.
    25. Check
      Just hit me up on here or on AIM if you got it

      sodano49 is my aim.
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