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Kevin Tancharoen is best known as the director who brought Mortal Kombat Legacy to the forefront of Youtube game adaptations. After following up his initial success with a second season, Kevin is back with a new web series entitled "Gable 5", shot by the same crew and featuring some popular personalities among the cast. In an interview with Nerd Reactor, Kevin discusses his current work and gives a little bit of insight into his thought process.

Although the article is light on details, the biggest news for Kombat fans is the announcement that he is in discussion with Warner Bros. about a 3rd season of the MK Legacy series: Click to read more.. [...]
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Hey all. I came across what I can only assume is a glitch. If you cancel a manual with instinct, that manual becomes unbreakable. To take that a step further, it still satisfies the requirement to do either an auto double, manual, or linker in between opener and ender to make the ender unbreakable. Thus making the whole combo unbreakable. Click to See More! [...]
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The third episode of the Science Shaolin series brings about Doomsday...no, I do not mean as in the Apocalypse, although this character could very well be its herald. In this episode, @ETC Mcfly not only shares a slew of interactable combos, he also explains the steps you must take if you want to replicate the Super Move glitch where the camera stays locked onto the stage even as the attack sequence takes place. See the beginning of the video for those details! Click to watch video! [...]
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If anyone cares on TYM...here's my Facebook post (a little edited) in regards to our little 30 man regional you might have heard of. CEO 2014: The Prologue aka Runback Mountain, the last one before the major. It's a bit personal to us, but whatever. At least there's results. You can scroll past this and go into a little CEO talk for the communtiy.

Alex Jebailey let me get you out of here first, so you can avoid this essay. Thanks for letting me handle Injustice again, everything ran smoothly as usual and thanks for a great tournament experience. Even though these are on a smaller scale than the major, there's never one time we think about not coming. Not knocking other TOs at all, but TOs that are as connected with the players on the level you are, make us feel like we actually matter just as much as their business, WHILE still being able to run the event more than sufficiently (shout to @Vandy) >>>>>. We understand and appreciate the work that goes into it. I'm already registered, but I'm sure you'll see us all again come CEO 2014. I've gone to everything but UFGT, and CEO is still the best tournament I've ever attended. Click to read more.. [...]
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KombatNetwork returns along with Monster Island Tournaments, Super Smash East Coast, 8Way Run, and possibly more for the next highly competitive local/potential regional quality event. Last year we saw 110 players at YesterCades of Red Bank during the summer, so let's see if we can match that or better this time around with the growing support for Injustice, Smash and Killer Instinct. I am looking to get the start time pushed up to something like 2PM to allow for more time for casuals. This will act as the 4th monthly in line with the Monster Island Tournament Circuit. More info on that to come.

Venue Fee: $15 (grants access to the venue all day, in and out, all arcade games and pinball machines, including casuals for the tournament games)


Injustice Gods Among Us (360) - $10 Entry Fee - 3/5 all rounds of bracket. Player turnout will dictate whether it is Round Robin or a regular tournament. If sign ups break 32 it will just be a normal tournament.

Smash Melee Singles -...
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"The Fire Rises!"
@GGA Max prevailed in Thursdays' latest GBS, after not winning a local GBS for a few weeks! Everyone assumed Bane had overdosed on VENOM but Max proved everyone wrong and also assured the world GGA's supply of salt will never run low!

Before a commanding Grand Finals victory over GGA 16 Bit, there were some notable happenings earlier in the night: Click to review results! [...]
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Good luck to all competitors!

If you're wondering why there are two Green Lanterns and two Deathstrokes, watch the video.

If you're wondering why the bracket looks the way it does, it was all randomized as shown in the video.

All questions are in the video.

No more may join. Click to see the brackets and the video! [...]
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So, you are all familiar with Doomsday's dash forward reversing wake-up shenanigans in the corner right?

Nightwing can do it too! Against the entire cast after a naked u3 in the corner. A properly timed dash forward after splatting them with the U3 (hard knockdown) will make every single wake-up in the game reverse and guarantee Nightwing a full combo punish. Click to read more! [...]
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SoCal's premier NRS event continues with the next installment in our Resurrection series.

This will be one stacked tournament, and currently expected to be the biggest Resurrection tournament to date! With the likes of Denzel, MIT and the Vegas crew, along with the Arizona players, the Wednesday Night Fighters, and other top SoCal players! EGP will guarantee the hype for MK9 and Injustice! click here for details [...]
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Here with more Zod tech, Pig of the Hut has put together a 10 minute tutorial video that has a lot of great strategy pertaining to his worst match-ups. Using the extensive list of options (as seen below), Pig's tech is surely more than enough to improve those bad match-ups. Click to read more! [...]