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Galloping Ghost Arcade (GGA, for short), home to many well-known MK9 players, is proud to announce its new weekly Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament: "Ghost Battle Series". In the same vein as Wednesday Nights Fights, Next Level Battle Circuit and the Atlanta Kombat Arena, this will be a weekly double elimination tournament, occurring every Thursday night.

The intentions we have for starting this new series:​
1) Improve the level of local Injustice: Gods Among Us competition, while showcasing the talent of our players to the nation.

2) Encourage more nearby players to make the trek out to Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL and participate in our events. We love having "new blood" come out and welcome anyone in the area to come out and play.

Even if you have never been to a tournament before, coming out to an event like this is a great way to get your feet wet in the competitive scene for a low cost (5.00 venue fee) and test your skills...
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As if the FREE entry Injustice: Gods Among Us tournament at Northeast Championships 15 wasn't a good enough incentive to come to Philadelphia in December, @BigE (of BigEGaming) is adding to it. Just to get this clear; yes the Injustice tournament at NEC15 is FREE to enter and the Top 8 will get their portion of the $1,000 pot bonus provided by BigE.

Okay, now for the literal icing on the cake. Who likes Final Round lead by @ShinBlanka ? I better see everyone's hands on this one. Well, how about this Click to read more! [...]
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Montreal Mayhem #4
This week was an interesting week for us. We got our self a stream set up, which is great. Sure it's in very infant stages but, the fact that it was there this week shows we're actually levelling up. So shout outs to @C-Sword for running the stream, shout outs to everyone else who was able to make it... And shout outs to the 10 viewer we had for a work in progress stream. Really appreciate it.

Much like last week we had a good group of guys MIA due to not being in the area or at Heavy MTL, though these things can only keep these people away for so long before we start really filling up this weekly. Click to read more! [...]
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Monster Island Tournaments Presents: King of the Monsters!!!! The 6th monthly to conclude Season 1 has now teamed up with Kombat Network's @Shock and Beast Coast's @Tusk1407 to bring you a new date (8/16) and a new location, DAVE & BUSTERS in Farmingdale NY!!!! I'm accepting pre-reg now as well!!! The story lines are heating up! # 1 in the standings after each tourney wraps up will be rewarded MVP trophies, round on me @ the bar and free entry to the first tourney in Season 2! Click here for more details... [...]
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It's not everyday you see a well-known movie star such as Megan Fox playing games, let alone a fighting game like Mortal Kombat 9. In this video, MTV's Josh Horowitz challenges the actress to a game of Mortal Kombat 9 on the Playstation 3. She's used to Xbox controls, so you'll have to forgive her performance in this video.

Regardless, before watching... who do you think wins this one? And yes, it's button mashing the whole way! However, Click to view! [...]
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Hey guys,


So the guys over at The Kombat Tether have finished their Gamescom experience for the year, and with it has come a ridiculous amount of juicy information on the MK:X front.

It's much more preferable that you visit their website to read all the information, but I'll supply it here for those that can only check this thread.

Mortal Kombat: X Impressions and build summary: http://www.thekombattether.com/gamescom/mortal-kombat-x-impressions.html

Interview with Ed Boon, asking a ton of unasked questions from a competitive and in depth perspective: http://www.thekombattether.com/gamescom/ed-boon-interview.html

With that being said, here's a full write up of Tonies experience with Mortal Kombat X at Gamescom 2014. A world of thanks to him for gathering all this for the sake of everyone else.

Mortal Kombat X - Gamescom - Full write up:

* Please note that even though all the information we have provided here is accurate and...
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This Week we had 10 People enter the Break Weeklies Injustice Tournament.

Notable Mentions:
Again Returns once Again to attempt to see if he could remember how to play the game Again.
Forever Elite Makes his Appearance known once again.
The New York Crew Makes it out to The Break once Again. Including Grr, Ronald Rogan, and King Jamez
The Fastest Man Alive Returns in the form of Zyphox. But is the Salt Force with him this Week?

People Missing:
The Strong Island Crew Were not in attendance this Week. This including Rapzilla and Classy Sasquatch
Claude Von Stroke was not in attendance. The Scumbag Victory levels were very low this week
Cossner was not here to Defend the Arcade with Spanish Green Arrow
The rest of the PA crew were absent as well. This includes Mike Metroid and 7L
Reaper was not here this week to steal the souls of the foes he defeated
Dreamcrusher was not here this week to destroy Indecisives's Hopes and Dreams

Notable Moments:
Even though this is Forever Elites...
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This morning, an article regarding an interview with NRS's Ed Boon at Gamescom 2014 has surfaced at IGN.com. Throughout this discussion, the interviewer bombards Mr. Boon with queries about how exactly the story mode in Mortal Kombat X will play out, while also discussing guest characters including console-specifics that NRS apparently has plans to release. By now, you are aware of how time jumps will occur here and there in the storyline, but Boon manages to drop some bombs that will leave smoke billowing through your minds. Check out the article below and leave your thoughts! Click to read more! [...]
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The Break is back this week, with Injustice streaming in prime time!

We've got KDZ, Grr, Darth Arma, Zyphox, Decay, Forever Elite and more in attendance!

You can watch live here:
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  • Asian Tom vs Forbidden Donut
  • SNKE vs Forbidden Donut
  • Oxygen vs Ducky
  • Oxygen vs SNKE


Top 8: Click to read more! [...]