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by Poto2222 at 4:11 PM
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HELL YEAH! I'll get the chance to play MKX for the very first time AND meet Mr. Boon himself. I've been waiting this weekend for so long, it's not even funny.

But, the reason why I started this thread is to ask TYM something:

Is there anything you guys want to know about the game, gameplay-wise?

Sadly, I'll only be there on Thursday and Sunday Click to read more! [...]
by C-Sword at 8:55 PM
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Yesterday, PopCultureShockCollectibles released via their Facebook page some teaser images of upcoming Classic Mortal Kombat statues. These images consist of statues for Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion and Mortal Kombat 3 Liu Kang.

For collectors, these statues along with statues they've made and sold in the past have been a long time dream come true. Granted, the price tags are not cheap, but the saying "you get what you pay for" is exactly the case in this scenario Click to read more! [...]
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Thanagarian Intelligence Vault

Hawkgirl is an incredibly mobile hit and run character that relies on her strong chip specials and burst damage to bring down opponents. She lacks strong 50/50 mix ups midscreen, but due to her having an immense amount of safe or even plus chip it balances out. She shares similar character design concepts with Doomsday and Clcik to read more! [...]
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Back in late August Boon tweet an image of character boots. After deciphering and speculating, Boon has finally confirmed via twitter who one of the six boots teased belongs to. That one boot is the first one and it belongs to the sorcerer/summoner/warlock, Quan Chi who was recently revealed this past Thursday in Moscow, Russia.

However, five boots still remain. Are these all boots to upcoming character reveals? After all, many thought Click to read more! [...]
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by AK RM Blake at 4:44 PM
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Going off of what was covered in a previous thread regarding Alex Valle's decision to host online KI tournaments, Level Up has announced that they are accepting registrations for their first Killer Instinct Season 2 tournament, set to take place October 20th at 8:00 P.M. PST (Pacific Standard Time). Registrations will be accepted via Paypal payments, but must abide by instructions presented by Mr. Valle. As of now, only North American players will be able to make the entrance due to reasons involving the netcode, which has proven to be solid enough for the online competition. Read on to find the link where instructions on how to enter will be given. Click to read more! [...]
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Just tonight, a first-to-ten exhibition between @WoundCowboy and @FOREVER KING was streamed by @AK Pig Of The Hut for our enjoyment. The final results stand at 10-4 in WoundCowboy's favor.

It seems that the Caped Crusader must step aside and make room for the true master of fear...the bearer of the yellow ring...the President of Sinestro Corps!

"You will submit!" Click to read more! [...]
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Ladies and gentlemen, two months from now...we will be faced with the rise of one of the greatest Killer Instinct tournaments to grace the FGC, where so much will be on the line. Beginning on the 13th of December, Ultra Arcade will host Kombo Klash, a tournament which is all about Killer Instinct. In addition to the 2013 title that became so beloved by the players, both of the legendary Killer Instinct classic titles, KI and KI2, will be available to play. This event is officially sponsored by Xbox! Click to read more! [...]
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It seems we have come one step closer to flushing out UltraTech!

Congratulations go out to GamerLCD for overcoming the competition in the second episode of the Season 2 Subscriber Showdown series, hosted by Mr. Grimmmz! Every single match in the tournament brought about its share of amazing moments, but LCD demonstrated a merciless assault with the rebellious freedom fighter which nobody could endure. As a bonus, he received a code to unlock TJ Combo as a playable character and, by the generosity of a stream monster, a pot bonus of $25. Click to read more! [...]
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So The Kombat Tether posted this link about half an hour ago or so. In this link is a bunch of recorded dialogues between characters, The Kombat Tether are trying to get people to decipher it all so that we can all learn more about the story through the tid-bits of information the intros have given us.

So as someone that prides themselves on knowing all the MK lore they can, I thought I'd post this here in case no one else has and in hope that someone could take this bits of audio and edit them Click to read more! [...]
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We are now eleven days away from the launch of Killer Instinct Season 2. Just yesterday, Microsoft hosted their weekly textual stream where they discuss the new user interface for Season 2, including the massive revamp in fight titles (now called Fight Challenges) and unlocked content. Take a look at this portion of Adam Isgreen's post at the Ultra Combo forums before proceeding to the link at the end of this post to read the rest. Click to read more! [...]