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A larger than usual turnout for injustice this month, which was a lot of fun and I definitely wasnt emo at all!

We started off our broadcast with Goldy(cosplaying as April O'Neil) vs Wolf. A classic battle between Killer Frost and Shazaam. All matches came down to the wire but it was Goldy's slick slides that avoided every interactable and punished accordingly that won her the set 3-0! Click to read more! [...]
Sunday Night Fights AK Pig of the Hut vs P2W.png
by RM GamerBlake at 3:24 PM
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Yesterday evening, @AK Pig Of The Hut treated the Injustice community to a series of exhibitions that they have yearned to see. This is for the effort of solidifying match-up knowledge. Players have responded to the challenges with eagerness, and nobody walked away feeling disappointed with what they saw. If you missed out, here's your chance to catch up on what went down! Results for all exhibitions can be seen in the spoiler boxes below. Click to read more! [...]
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Well, a new interview that starts with the same lame question to show off the 3 variations. In this interview Ed Boon was asked about the fatalities and he said there will be an "enhanced version" of classic fatalities, then he was asked if each variation will have a different fatality but he said they don't want to limit the choices and MKX will have more fatalities than any other MK game has had, so we're saying a minimum of 6 ?

Then he was asked about the net code and he said they learned Click to read more! [...]
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Today at the New York Comic-Con a Mortal Kombat X announcement was made involving comics! That's right! Just the the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic, which was first released digitally in January of 2013 we can expect the same for Mortal Kombat X. By the looks of the characters shown, could the Red Dragon be a new character?

Here are some addition notes from CBR:
Finally, "Mortal Kombat X" will be Shawn Kittelsen and drawn by Dexter Soy under covers by Ivan Reis. The series serves as a prequel Click to read more! [...]
The Fall Classic 2014 Injustice Grand Finals.png
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The Injustice community never disappoints in their delivery of high-quality matches for all parts of a tournament, be it pools or Top 8. And The Fall Classic 2014 is no different. The Top 8 featured another diverse cast of deadly warriors whose drive to conquer knew no bounds. So many team members clashed against opponents no matter where they met in the tournament, and in the end, a notable East Coast rivalry would see its continuation! Click to read more! [...]
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Let's put it this way.... I would be terrified to butt in line after watching this video. The line seems like it's never ending as it wraps itself within the venue. Just when you think that to yourself, "that can't all be for Mortal Kombat X" McFly asks the last person in that line he follows what game he's waiting to play.

It's safe to say that the Brazilian Game Show 2014 showed NetherRealm Studios' Mortal Kombat X Click to read more! [...]
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North Carolina's yearly Fall Classic major is upon us again, and today marked the start of the weekend's Injustice action. At the end of an interesting day of pools, IGAU has gone through Top 16 and the Top 8 is set for tomorrow at 11 AM EST. The Top 16 was a combination of a handful of authoritative wins alongside a smattering of bitterly-fought matchups. Here are the day's results: Click to read more.. [...]
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Today Mortal Kombat 9 had a side-tournament at the prestigious "The Fall Classic" 2014 held in Raleigh, North Carolina. In case you missed the action, the Grand Finals came down to the Perfect Legend (Kung Lao) taking on the rising star, RM Sonic Fox (Sonya Blade). Although, we do not have all highlights at this time, we can tell you that the finals were a very close set w/ Perfect Legend Click to read more! [...]
The Fall Classic 2014 KI Grand Finals.png
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Nothing could prepare us for what was to come today at Raleigh, NC. Although Season 2 had yet to officially launch, Killer Instinct's Top 8 already saw the rise of TJ Combo thanks to TheSteamCo CD Jr, and also marked a shining star in RM Cloud who delivered an ice-cold message to the KI community at GUTS 3. Combined with the numerous big names joining them in Top 8, we would be treated to tournament memories we're not likely to forget in the near future! Let us take this opportunity to reminisce on what went down. Click to read more! [...]
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In what seems to be some very recent footage from the Brazilian Game Show 2014, Shot Major has uploaded a descent (full fight) fight between Ferra/Torr and Cassie Cage. New footage of one of the brand new fighters, Ferra/Torr seems to be very scarce making this video a small piece of awesome. Granted, there is no high level play here, but we still get a little better idea as to what Ferra/Torr Click to read more! [...]