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After the vacation from last week due to Valentines, BPK is back with it's kombatants ready for battle.

Mortal Kombat 9:

First, we have Mortal Kombat 9 grand finals starting things off for the night. In this heated match we have Insuperable using his tricky and patient Quan Chi against Kabal. The "swag" anti-airs into resets and risky decisions topped off with risky follow-ups are sure to catch your eye more than once. And is that slow trance really making Kabal second guess his iAFB spam? The powers of Woolay knows no limits... That is, until the menace known as Kabal has awoken.

All hope is suddenly lost when the bracket is reset. Following that is dissapointment in the form of "KUH-BAWL" shouting in the stream chat. However, Insuperable has not run out of tricks up his sleeve and decides to go with one of his underground characters. He calls upon the powers of the true Mortal Kombat champion and ressurects the dragon from within. A...
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The Superman forum continues to stay busy! This time I've got some tech from @Rev_ in Hall of Justice. After using the Robot interactable in the corner of the Hall of Justice stage, certain characters can B3 as an OTG for the stage transition. This tech works for characters that throw their opponent back into the corner when the interactable is triggered. Here are the details: Click to watch the video! [...]
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The air before today's Top 8 was fraught with uncertainty and nervous energy. If you'd asked a fan or player beforehand who would win, they might have replied that they had a favorite, but they weren't sure. Two of the perennial favorites, Forever King and Rico Suave, met with an untimely death in pools the day before. And with $1000 in pot bonuses on the line, the stakes heading into this afternoon were as high as ever.

After months of being given relatively short shrift on streams and in tournament schedules, Injustice had now found its home at a 4 PM FGC prime-time slot on the main stream. So the stage was appropriately set; and the only question was if today's finals would deliver. The lineup: Click to read more.. [...]
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UPDATE @ 4:00PM EST - Injustice Top 8 now live! http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky

In what was a whirlwind day with a myriad of upsets, blow ups, close calls and unexpected appearances, the first day of tournament action at Winter Brawl 8 defied even some of the most daring predictions. Although there were reports of dark horses and rising threats before this weekend, today's string of wins and losses was so unpredictable that players and viewers alike were constantly screaming in disbelief throughout the entire evening.

Although there are almost too many marquee matches to list, here's a small survery of the damage: Click to read more.. [...]
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In GGA's first Ghost Battle event of the third season took place Thursday night, and was chock-full of surprises:

- @NB Semi Evil Ryu made the trek through dangerous weather from Indiana to Brookfield, IL to have a great showing; He bested Saucy Jack (known as "Stupid Salty Scrub" for the night), Fill Pops and Vagrant on his way to a 5th place finish.
- Bane or Catwoman did not win, as was the usual for the last season of GBS.
- Both of the above mentioned characters weren't even in the Grand Finals!
- Slips now cannot claim that "he'll never win another GBS again" or any such nonsense.
- 16 Bit can now not complain that he'll never beat Bane again, sending Max to Losers with a decisive 2-0 win.
- Fill Pops turned into "Fill Props" after beating Dizzy (Donkey Disk) early in the bracket, demanding everyone know he hasn't lost to an Aquaman player in months.
- PPJ's heel turn (?) seems to have worked, as he had his best showing since season 1 on...
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From an interview held by the IGN team, we gather a confirmation that actor Kiefer Sutherland is involved in the making of the next Mortal Kombat title. This leads us to believe that NetherRealm Studios is currently working on the highly-anticipated Mortal Kombat 10, and one can only ponder over what sort of role Mr. Sutherland has to play in its production. Below is an excerpt from IGN's interview with Mr. Sutherland...the rest can be seen at the link located near the bottom of the post. Thanks to @Cat for giving us the alert on this development! Click to read more! [...]
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Ladies and Gent's, this weekend at Winter Brawl 8, @AK SaltFace is coming and he's coming hard. Bringing his infamous Harley Quinn to Philadelphia!

Make no mistake... Top 8 predictions across the board have just changed.

Atlanta Kombat is sending SaltFace and Glass Sword (already registered) to take stake in what looks to be a stacked major at Winter Brawl.

@GGA 16 Bit and @GGA Max may not come anymore (flight cancelled due to weather) so the GGA Max vs AK Saltface rematch will have to wait but @FOREVER KING ... two words buddy, "Pop! Pop!" Click to read more! [...]
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International Tournament Hadouken Dojo Potosi 2014.

Country : Bolivia.
City : Potosí * 4200 mt / 13779 ft of altitude above sea level (is the highest city in South America).

Date : 22 & 23 de February (this weekend). but more likely we are broadcasting the day 21 at night (bug's, challenges and more).

Line Up:

*Mortal Kombat 9
*Killer Instinct 3 Click to read more! [...]
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After a good deal of anticipation, this year's Winter Brawl event is finally upon us. With team tournaments tonight at 8 EST, and pools starting tomorrow, there's a good deal of Injustice action to keep up with over these next few days.

For those of you watching on twitch, Injustice will be shown at the following times:
Click to read more.. [...]
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**Updated 2/27/2014**
Winter Brawl 8 Footage

**Updated 2/23/2014**
Patch Notes List Now Available

**Updated 8:30PM EST 2/20**
A new hype video for Winter Brawl went live.

A few words from @Shock ...

"Heads up 2D MK OG's and old school fans, an anonymous source has informed me there will be a debut of a completely re-balanced hack of MKII available at Winter Brawl this weekend for testing and will be debuted on stream. Stay tuned for more info. Get hype for a patch 20 years in the making!

Here is the link to the thread with the clips: Click to read more! [...]