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Grimmmz Subscriber Showdown Weekly 2 1 Grand Finals.png
by RM GamerBlake at 5:03 PM
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Last night, the second season of Mr. Grimmmz's Subscriber Showdowns kicked off with a resounding turn-out of sixteen players. Although Jago and Sadira were among those to receive the hardest nerfs from Iron Galaxy, the bracket was still flooded with Tiger Spirit warriors with Maciaga's Sadira lurking among them (he went by the tag The_legitshka). Once again, the tournament host made his own entrance to add to the fun, but chose to drop out against Maciaga due to severe lag spikes disrupting their gameplay. In the face of a true community spirit, this event flourishes and eventually culminates in a victory for The Maciaga 5! Click to read more! [...]
MKX Lord Raiden New Xray.png
by eNARV at 7:19 AM
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As the Kombat Tether shared with us via their experiences from playing an early build of Mortal Kombat X up in the Canadian lands, Raiden's original X-ray attack (seen here) has received an update. It draws upon some inspiration from Shazam's Super Move attack in Injustice: Gods Among Us, but features twists that bring out Raiden's truest nature as a God of Thunder. It is unclear if this will be his final X-ray attack when the game releases in stores on April 14 of next year.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer his original X-ray or his updated one? Let us know in the comments below!

- thanks to eNARV for the post and for @Sindelia sharing it via status update.

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by Decay at 2:14 PM
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Come join as we stream our casuals on Twitch.Tv! We got food, we got beer and we got vidya games and we also have a SALT CAM! What else do you possibly have to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon other than watch us play games?


by STORMS at 4:09 PM
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Our friends at The Kombat Tether have been doing their best at EGX in London to give us the latest Mortal Kombat X news. If you pay any attention to their Facebook page and you'd be a fool not to - you'd notice that they have posted a few character dialogues including Raiden vs D'Vorah and Cassie Cage vs Kano.

These are the appetizers for now as The Kombat Tether plans Click to read more! [...]
Ultra Arcade KI Grand Finals UA Wholio.png
by RM GamerBlake at 3:08 PM
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With the dawn of Season 2, twelve Killer Instinct fanatics gathered at the Ultra Arcade in San Antonio to prove their worth. The brackets got a taste of new character action from TJ Combo, eclipsed only by a tsunami of green...Spinal's curse was afflicting the entire arcade through the combative efforts of a large portion of the bracket. In the end, it came down to a Grand Finals full of Spinal mirrors, from which UA Wholio emerged victorious! We extend our congratulations to him for making the comeback after being defeated in Winner's Finals by his opponent, Dat Salt! Click to read more! [...]
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by RM GamerBlake at 4:55 PM
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On Friday of every week, Ultra Arcade provides live coverage of fighting game tournaments all the way from San Antonio, Texas! Of particular note is their weekly local titled Killer Fridays, during which players from the Killer Instinct community gather to hash it out with one another. If you're in San Antonio or its surrounding cities and you are enjoying KI season 2, this is the perfect place to go for all your training needs! Click to read more! [...]
by SnakeEaterDan at 9:01 AM
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Out of the revealed roster so far, one of the newest characters to enter the Mortal Kombat area is Cassie Cage, daughter or Johnny Cage and Sonya. Up until this point we have seen a little bit of gameplay and even a fatality... but not her x-ray. Today SnakeEaterDan was able to record Cassie's x-ray at EGX Click to read more! [...]
by DarthArma at 1:57 AM
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EMPR GRR! Summer Jam 2014. Photo By: DarthArma

Hello TYM,

I wanted to share the experience of sitting down and playing Injustice with a good friend of mine. I know that the audio from the mic is synced a little late, but other than that, please feel free to leave any suggestions or comments. I look forward to doing more of these in the future, and definitely inviting Grr back again. Below I will provide time stamps for our specific matches. For future installments of Sunday Funday, we're gonna edit instead of uploading raw footage, and we're going to actually do camera switches. This is raw footage, so if you're short on time, skip to the set you wish to see. I hope you enjoy it! Click to read more! [...]
by GGA 16 Bit at 11:53 AM
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Senorita....you'll learn to fear me.

Chicago is home to Morton's Salt and the saltiest weekly Injustice tournament in the nation. Proof of this was last night where Max won his third GBS in a row and left everyone in the room so emo it was like a funeral was taking place. Max didn't win his 24th GBS in the winners bracket however. The revived Max vs. PPJ rivarly entered a new stage when Max was finally sent to losers by PPJ in an incredible Shazam vs. Bane match that displayed the patience these two players are capable of despite their reputations for being rushdown fools. Max was able to tear through the losers bracket and earn a rematch in the grand finals by breaking the backs of a cat, a fish and a jew. This time PPJ's pride in Hawkgirl got the best of him and he insisted on winning with Click to read more! [...]
by The_SNKE at 1:03 AM
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  • ThaTrueNinja!
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Top 8:

1st | RM | Blind Ducky (Raven)
2nd | TWSTD | ThaTrueNinja (Catwoman)
3rd | RM | SNKE (Flash)
4th | Forbidden Donut (Batman, Grundy, Green Arrow)
5th | RM | Malarkey (Bane)
5th | NineQuads (Sinestro)
7th | RM | EverLast (Superman)
7th | RPG (Harley Quinn) Click to read more! [...]