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From an interview held by the IGN team, we gather a confirmation that actor Kiefer Sutherland is involved in the making of the next Mortal Kombat title. This leads us to believe that NetherRealm Studios is currently working on the highly-anticipated Mortal Kombat 10, and one can only ponder over what sort of role Mr. Sutherland has to play in its production. Below is an excerpt from IGN's interview with Mr. Sutherland...the rest can be seen at the link located near the bottom of the post. Thanks to @Cat for giving us the alert on this development! Click to read more! [...]
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Ladies and Gent's, this weekend at Winter Brawl 8, @AK SaltFace is coming and he's coming hard. Bringing his infamous Harley Quinn to Philadelphia!

Make no mistake... Top 8 predictions across the board have just changed.

Atlanta Kombat is sending SaltFace and Glass Sword (already registered) to take stake in what looks to be a stacked major at Winter Brawl.

@GGA 16 Bit and @GGA Max may not come anymore (flight cancelled due to weather) so the GGA Max vs AK Saltface rematch will have to wait but @FOREVER KING ... two words buddy, "Pop! Pop!" Click to read more! [...]
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International Tournament Hadouken Dojo Potosi 2014.

Country : Bolivia.
City : Potosí * 4200 mt / 13779 ft of altitude above sea level (is the highest city in South America).

Date : 22 & 23 de February (this weekend). but more likely we are broadcasting the day 21 at night (bug's, challenges and more).

Line Up:

*Mortal Kombat 9
*Killer Instinct 3 Click to read more! [...]
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After a good deal of anticipation, this year's Winter Brawl event is finally upon us. With team tournaments tonight at 8 EST, and pools starting tomorrow, there's a good deal of Injustice action to keep up with over these next few days.

For those of you watching on twitch, Injustice will be shown at the following times:
Click to read more.. [...]
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**Updated 2/27/2014**
Winter Brawl 8 Footage

**Updated 2/23/2014**
Patch Notes List Now Available

**Updated 8:30PM EST 2/20**
A new hype video for Winter Brawl went live.

A few words from @Shock ...

"Heads up 2D MK OG's and old school fans, an anonymous source has informed me there will be a debut of a completely re-balanced hack of MKII available at Winter Brawl this weekend for testing and will be debuted on stream. Stay tuned for more info. Get hype for a patch 20 years in the making!

Here is the link to the thread with the clips: Click to read more! [...]
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For this week, the Atlanta fighting game scene has opted to host their Weekly Scraps tournament on Thursday instead of their usual Fridays to coincide with GGA's Ghost Battle Series. This just means that your Thursday evening just got significantly more exciting. Even if you miss out on one stream, both channels upload the gameplay footage to their respective YouTube channels, so it'll be impossible for you to fall behind! Tune in tonight to support the Atlanta FGC at the Weekly Scraps! Click to read more! [...]
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UPDATE: Live stream to discuss the new patch is online at http://www.twitch.tv/xbox. Tune in NOW!

With Amazon's purchase of Double Helix Games, the company has continued its goal of perfecting their latest product in the next-generation Killer Instinct. As of yesterday, the next of their patches has gone live, and this one targets issues in the Jail system they have recently implemented into the game as well as changes to Spinal, the latest addition to their roster. All patch notes have been made available by filthierich from the Double Helix Games team for the players to review! Click to read more! [...]
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Yesterday over on Shoryuken.com guest writer, Aaron Muhlmeyer conducted an in-depth interview with Northeast Championship's Injustice: Gods Among Us Champion, PimPimJim of the Galloping Ghost Arcade crew. One of the things that made PimPimJim's victory as famous is how he did it... by using Hawkgirl to finish the job; a character that was thought to be... well, not a winning character let alone up against Superman.

If you ever wanted to scratch the surface to find out more about PimPimJim and his involvement with the GGA scene in Chicago, here's your chance. PPJ talks Click to read more! [...]
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To prove the vast imagination fans and players alike had... when Injustice: Gods Among Us was announced it seemed to be every DC Comics fan's dream come true. Prior to any characters being revealed after the initial trailer the question of "Who?" will be in it was the main focus. Afterall, the DC world is extremely large therefore, tons of opportunity.

In addition to this, 'guest' characters were also in question. And if any of you have ever read or even looked at a SPAWN comic... you'd pray he would make the cast as a DLC guest character Click to read more! [...]
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Hey there folks, Mustard here again just informing you all of something a little different that my brother and I are going to be doing.

SpecialEffect are a gaming charity who do amazing work in bringing the facilities to game to those who are severely disabled, handicapped, or otherwise unable to play games despite their love for them, and on behalf of Ludus Magnus, Ketchup and I will be raising money for them.

their work has been making big noise in the UK, and Ketchup and I had the pleasure of seeing them in action first hand at i49, where you could control a car in dirt 3 using nothing but your eye movements!

What I'm here to announce however, is Ketchup and I participating in SpecialEffect's "Gameblast" challenge, we will be running a 24 hour stream this saturday (22nd Feb) from noon GMT to the same time on Sunday, we are going to play various games from classic games to new, and of course we will stream a large amount of fighters later in...