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A major congrats to our special guest for taking our 18th BLTB! We're all very excited to see how this kid does at WCW this week!

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Hey everyone, so UMK3:TE was at Summer Jam and this was the first time it was open to the public for beta testing. Now considering I was once a pretty big UMK3 head like many of you on this site, I can't tell you how I excited I was in getting the chance to test this game out.

When I sat down, the first two characters I tested out were of course my favorite sisterly duo in ultimate - Mileena and Kitana. I was really surprised with Kitana more than Mileena, just because I went into it knowing they were definitely going to remove the horrendous damage scaling on Mileena's roll. I had absolutely no clue that Kitana would have gotten two awesome new combo strings. Mileena now hurts off her roll and it makes up for it being one of (if not the most) unsafe special in the game. I think Shock hit me with a 54% combo involving the roll that can be seen some where in the video I'll provide at the end of this post. Her sais and...
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Shadowloo Showdown, the biggest fighting game tournament in Australia, was held in Melbourne on the 29th - 31st of August. Every year, many international players travel across the globe to participate in this tournament and this year Australia was proud to welcome Rico Suave as one of those participants. Click to read more! [...]
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So, last week was the saddest attendance I had ever seen for Injustice in the history of WNF. So in an effort to keep the NRS presence at Super Arcade I've reached out to Mike Watson and asked if we could run Mortal Kombat 9 at Super Arcade, to which he agreed. I do this to keep NRS community relevant in the West Coast and to make sure that we have a strong presence leading up to MKX. Now, I'm not expecting this to save the Injustice side but it does give the NRS side of the community an option to get in local play in an otherwise Capcom dominated region and to hopefully generate more revenue for the arcade that has done so much for us. I know people aren't willing to drive just for Injustice but if MK9 is there they may travel for that and while they are there they may enter Injustice as well.

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This article has been updated with @Casselman 's full impressions from the Toronto Fan Expo. See below! (9/1/14)

Hey guys! I just found out yesterday that MKX is on the show floor at FanExpo in Toronto Canada! My brother, friend Greg, another friend and myself are making the venture tomorrow to go and play! Three of the four of us are super serious and have been playing MK9 competitively.

If you ever watch Toronto Top Tier streams, it's Casselman, Vindrex and Fluri.

Anyways. We are hitting up MKX. Interviews etc is most likely way out if the question (if NRS is even there) but I will have my hands on the game and I am more than well-versed in mechanics so I will be able to really figure some details out, hopefully.

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PAX Prime took place recently and Gamespot's Danny O'Dwyer interviewed Senior Producer Adam Urbano of Netherrealm Studios on the upcoming Mortal Kombat X. Below they talk about some of the things involved in the game, including X-Rays, tidbits of info on the game coming out slowly over time and characters.

At roughly 1:15 in the video of the interview below Adam brings up that Johnny Cage's daughter Cassie is in the game and Danny asks him "Can you fight her Click to read more! [...]
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Here to prove that, sure, he can be stopped but he will not stop coming back! With 49 entrants at Summer Jam 8's Mortal Kombat 9 tournament, it was stacked with faces we haven't seen in a while. Within the midst of competition was REO, Tom Brady, CD Jr, Mike Metroid, Blackula, THE EMPEROR, Chris G, SonicFox, Cossner, 7L and many more.

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From start to finish, it was a tournament to remember. This section of the country has a number of events each year, and it's not always clear who will show up come Saturday. But a particularly experienced group of players made the trek this weekend, and it showed in a fantastic string of exciting matches, many of which went all the way to the wire.

After a great day of pools and an unpredictable Top 16 last night, the stage was set for today's finals. Two former EVO champs (three counting all games), in addition to a pair of the game's best Martian Manhunter mains, one of the game's best Bane players, and a surging RelaxedState who is looking better than he ever has. Click to read more.. [...]
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After a long day in Philadelphia, Pa with Summer Jam 8 hosted by BigE, we've come down to quite an impressive Top 8 for Injustice: Gods Among Us. There was tons of talent at Summer Jam today and a lot of returning faces from multiple areas.

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With the Top 8 for Mortal Kombat 9 now set at Summer Jam 8 you can expect to see the Top 8 finish tomorrow after Injustice (says @Mikemetroid ). Below are all of the updates you need regarding Mortal Kombat including who made it to the Top 8 out of 49 players. Click to read more! [...]