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YouTube user fouseyTUBE is back (see the first elevator prank featuring Sub-Zero here!) with another hysterical video showcasing his unique cosplay in the confines of an elevator. fouseyTUBE takes some big chances with doing this acts in a confined place, especially with some of the folks who are a little less amused by the act.

Nevertheless, that's what makes this part two with The Thunder God so interesting! Click to read more! [...]
Level Up Online Warrior Episode 2 Grand Finals.png
by RM GamerBlake at 1:17 AM
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The tension was so thick in the air, you could cut through it with a knife. Exactly 50% of the Top 8 from last month's episode of Level Up Online Warrior made their return in Episode 2, joined by uprising stars including Hitbox Tyrant and Emperor Rebelo. After Rebelo felled MT Rico Suave in Loser's Finals and proceeded to establish a four-win streak against CD Jr, the rise of a new online warrior appeared imminent...but Junior said "NO!" and shut down Rebelo's momentum in a Grand Finals that would be forever branded within our minds! Click to read more! [...]
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Today via Newsarama (thanks to @MKServer) we have received some new details from the Mortal Kombat X comic book series that is set to officially start January 2015. This digital comic series was first announced back in mid October during the New York Comic-Con and is sure to give us Mortal Kombat fans a run for our money. Similar to how the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book set route the Mortsl Kombat X comic will act as a prequel to the game's release in mid-April.

Anyway, back to the details! Below are two synopsis', each Click to read more! [...]
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Alright guys, so for those of you who missed the initial thread (link here - http://testyourmight.com/threads/i-...-kombat-series-new-weekly-stream-event.46788/), this is going to be the official first week of Blood Bath Kombat series. Things are going to kick off this Friday with some pretty good matches. With NEC leading up to just three weeks away, it will be interesting to see how serious some of these matches get before the big arena hits.

**UMK3:TE will also receieve some love when it's released to the public. I plan on doing weekly blood bath series for that as well, so don't think I forgot about you 2D MK guys that have been hitting me up.** Click to read more! [...]
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Today, all fights from the exclusive Femme Fatale Mortal Kombat 9 tournament held in Chile are available for viewing. To our knowledge this is the first time this has ever been done and it has been quite an experience. Considering how scarce it seems to find fellow female kombatants going in on the fighting at tournaments, this is some awesome footage. Hopefully, it'll encourage Click to read more! [...]
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Wrapping up Absolute Battle 5, the Dallas area MK crew organized and hosted it's own MK9 tournament Sunday night. Exhausted from the long weekend of Injustice and KI, several players left early and were not able to attend the MK tourney. Nonetheless, it did not prevent the Dallas scene from hosting a tournament with stiff competition resulting in an extremely close top 4 that was not short on hype.

Due to the sheer number of matches, only the top 4 was recorded and is posted below. Due to technical difficulties while recording, both semi finals and grand finals Click to read more! [...]
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So as of now, out first ever episode of "Consider the Following" has received over 793 views. I for one am overwhelmed and thankful for the support and positive feedback. I know the rest of us feel exactly the same.

Episode 2 was going to be out much sooner but work had my nuts this week so my time was limited (I am sorry everyone...all my fault). This said...I am proud to announce episode 2 of "Konsider the following".

Last weeks vote was on the name of the show and the vote was in favor of consider the following! With some trash talk and some super fancy work from @Eric Z19 , we now have new graphics and a new spelling (with a K). Tell us and Eric what you think by tagging him thousands of times. Click to listen in.. [...]
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Once again we must all fear the power of Sinestro. Pnut, formally known as @Hysteria has proven yet another time that he is one of the highest level Sinestro players in the business. Taking on extremely difficult match-ups all the way up the bracket and never straying from his main; Pnut showcased masterful zoning, brave trait charges, solid mind games, and overall fundamentally sound gameplay.


1st place: Pnut
2nd place: greguu
3rd place: C88 RexyWrecks
4th place: OFIDYAN
5th place: Zen Lazzlo
5th place: KH Royale
7th place: Mattix
7th place: ATP
9th place: IC Starwin 88
9th place: GOTS Manhunter
9th place: GOTS HeavyHandz
9th place: UCC Beef Supreme
13th place: Sylint
13th place: IC EwtH Ghost 88
13th place: UGS B Boy Dragon
by Johnny2d at 8:54 AM
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Great tournament! Hype finals sets!

1st STB/EGP Shujinkydink (Freddy Kreuger)
2nd STB Inspire (Kung Lao)
3rd Compbros (Sonya)
4th STB Gr8one (Kitana)
5th KPB Dr Dowork/WemfsFomer (Noob Saibot)
7th BRR Spinal Tap (Kano, Noob Saibot)

Full bracket can be found here: http://challonge.com/STBInvitationalMK9November16/standings

Stream archive at: twitch.tv/johnny2d Click to read more! [...]