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Hi fellow TYM members, and Sub players :)

Had the chance to play MKX at a games expo called (Games14 Sep11-12-13) here in Dubai, and I would like to share my experience on it with TYM and try to give some info on my fav ninja, Subby himself!
I will go over general game info first, and move to specifics - from what I saw, played, and experienced. Mind you, this is just a demo build things could change and I might also have not noticed things properly or missed to observe, or whatever.

- Game feels a lot faster than igau or mk9
- very smooth mechanics
- visuals looking great
- overall gameplay is fun and easy to learn
- running was giving me some trouble at first, so everytime I dash blocked I would get a run because dash cannot be cancelled and if you block while in the dash you go into run and next thing you know you are smack in the opp face. not sure about recovery from run, something to be explored further
- game had frame data for each move,...
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You match my size, not my will.

After a post EVO sabbatical Max made his return last week but came up short in the grand finals. He would not have to wait long for another chance as he charged to winners finals with 3-0 victories against Truth's Batman and a returning Tommy's Green Lantern. In a familiar winners finals Max met his first serious threat of the night against PPJ. Looking dominate in the beginning Max seemed to be in complete control, grounding the annoying bird Hawkgirl. However PPJ got back into the game and was poised to tie the set up 2-2. A heartbreaking combo drop cost PPJ a win and gave Max his chance to regain Click to read more! [...]
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As of September 23rd, you'll have your chance to score a physical copy of the Combo Breaker Pack for Killer Instinct on the Xbox One. This content basically comes with everything that has been released throughout the course of Season 1, with a few additions: you'll get TJ Combo as an available character to play, and, given the date when this will be released to the public, the eight-character cast from S1 will come with all adjustments as indicated in the Season 2 patch notes seen here. Pre-orders are available at Amazon, Gamestop, and Bestbuy, all sharing the price of $19.99 plus free shipping and handling.

So if you haven't got to experience the magic that is the reborn Killer Instinct, place your pre-orders now and get ready for Season 2! ULTRAAAAAAAAAAAAA COMBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Click to read more! [...]
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Out of all art, this has got to be one of the coolest forms. We have showcased these 'flipbooks' before, but this one takes us back to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Back in the day when you used Shang Tsung, you could morph in to the entire cast for a limited amount of time, you posed a greater threat to your opponent. Well, in this flipbook presentation Click to read more! [...]
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After Mortal Kombat 9's return to the Super Arcade last week in southern California, players have responded eagerly to the challenge with very stable turnouts. This week, GG NY Chris G makes his way over to the arcade and, after enduring a loss from KN Slayer which reset the bracket in Grand Finals, dominates the competition to win Mortal Kombat 9 at Wednesday Night Fights 3.4! His iconic Reptile has set a precedent that players will strive to follow in the weeks to come. Congratulations to Chris G for coming out on top and showing that his Reptile never loses its acidic touch! Click to read more! [...]
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Now that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles have been firmly established in the gaming market, it is only natural that expansions upon their luxuries would be a hot topic among gaming communities, including controllers. Well, for those of you who happen to like the traditional six-button fight pads, @CEO Jebailey has just disclosed an image, via Instagram, of a prototype of a PDP fight pad to be used for the next-gen consoles, seen at the Gamestop Expo convention that is currently ongoing in Anaheim, California. And as you'll see, it comes with a unique twist: its design is based off that of Mortal Kombat X! However, at this time it does not come with a D-pad and its approval is pending. Nevertheless, when I looked at the image myself I could not stop gawking at its cool design. Click to read more! [...]
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This Week the Break Sadly only had 5 people for Injustice. Which means no stream time and a winner take all Round Robin Tournament.

The people who entered were Again, King Jamez, KDZ, Shock and Decay. Click to read more! [...]
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- promoted September 10, 2014

Last week, Mr Grimmmz, a pretigious tournament-level Jago player for Killer Instinct, held a podcast discussion with Iron Galaxy's Adam "Keits" Heart so that the entire KI community could share their thoughts regarding the changes that are to be put into effect as per Season 2, set to launch in two weeks from now. The podcast has been hosted via Mr Grimmz's Twitch channel, and is now archived in the two videos below. Check 'em out and share your thoughts in the comments below! Click to watch videos! [...]
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Last week Mortal Kombat 9 saw some tournament life again at the well-known SoCal arcade, Super Arcade located in Walnut, California. This would not have been possible without the efforts of TYM community member, @Cash who took the initiative to make a special thread for awareness.

We reached out to Super Arcade via twitter asking about the final tournament entrants Click to read more! [...]
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Montreal Mayhem #7

Another great week for Montreal Mayhem, this time however we were short two catwomen as both @hard_goodbye and @Ecodus were pulled away by personal obligations. Also the person in charage of our stream didn't end up showing up either. Which is unfortunate but, it's all fine as we did had another 9 man tournament. Click to read more! [...]