Test Your Might

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Soon we will see a fight between two icons from two very different games. The Hellspawn, Scorpion will be taking on the Japanese master, Ryu. ScrewAttack has put together two preview videos showcasing both of the characters histories and the chance they may have against their opponent. After all, since Ed Boon'll likely never get to have this happen in a game... I guess this is the only way! Click to view! [...]
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Back on October 6th we got our first taste of the next exciting Mortal Kombat statues to come from the amazing PopCultureShockCollectibles. The statues include Mortal Kombat 3 Liu Kang and Mortal Kombat 1 Scorpion. We're happy to inform you that starting tomorrow you can pre-order your Liu Kang statue! Click this link!

In addition to this, PopCultureShockToys have made announced they you'll be able to get your hands on the 1/3 scale Hanzo Hasashi a.k.a. Scorpion! However, the teaser image that we received earlier this month does not due the final product justice Click to read more! [...]
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A few days ago this fantastic interview hit the web talking with Shawn Kittelsen, the writer for the new and upcoming Mortal Kombat X digital comic. In this interview Shawn gives you a taste of just how deep he is diving in to the Mortal Kombat history by even mentioning games like Special Forces and Mythologies. He also explains his close working relationship with NetherRealm Studios and the freedom they give him.

Aside from this, the details about the book are obviously slim, however, he does mention Click to read more! [...]
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When I first met Shock online back in (I believe) 2010 I could tell he was for real in regards to what he did... he ran tournaments. At the time Mortal Kombat tournaments did not exist in the mainstream and there was no Mortal Kombat 9. However, at the end of that tunnel it was never completely dark. There was something there and you may have had to squint your eyes to see it, but it never died. @Shock assisted with running tournaments for the classic Mortal Kombat games before the majority of the community today even existed.

I realized this when I went to my first Mortal Kombat tournament in 2010, which was East Coast Throwdown II Click to read more! [...]
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IT'S BACK!!!! Even though they said it wouldn't be.

All info taken with permission from the official Web Page : http://canada-cup.ca/canada-cup-2014/

Canada Cup is BACK
Due to an overwhelming response from all of you in the fighting game community we have decided to resurrect Canada’s biggest fighting game tournament. Click to read more.. [...]
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Last night, Ultra Arcade dedicated their next Killer Instinct tournament to the memory of Terrance "PushaTee88" Moore who passed from this world last Thursday. His hype lives on through the energy brought about by the competitors who gathered at San Antonio. This tournament would see the rise of the ice alien and spider woman despite the sudden influx in Maya players. Although Halite was but an inch away from ensuring his path to Grand Finals, Dig Bickerson's switch to his former main character (Sadira) proved instrumental in not only thwarting his opponent's ambitions but also winning the entire tournament! Click to read more! [...]
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Hey, everyone. We got permission from the hacker to do an online exhibition of UMK3:TE so you guys can see what the game plays at a high level.

What is UMK:3 TE? UMK:3 TE (Tournament Edition) is a hacked version of UMK:3 specifically made to make the game more balanced and competitive by an anonymous hacker for the MK community. Think similar of Project M" from the smash community. For some competitive MK fans this is a dream come true. An MK game where every single character is completely viable? Yes, please.

We played for about an hour and tried to show case as many of the new character changes and general gameplay differences as we could. Keep in mind this was online so we apologize if we were sloppy in some areas. :p Click to watch videos! [...]
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I know we all are grieving for the passing of Terrance "PushaTee88" Moore, but I feel that to honor his memory we must push forward with the promotion of his favorite fighting game. And apparently, Mr. Adam Isgreen a.k.a. Ishmae1 from the Ultra Combo forums agrees. In today's textual stream, he goes on to pay his respects to Terrance while recounting his own experiences with the dude, before proceeding to highlight game issues that he and Iron Galaxy are working to address at this time. Oh...and is that a teaser for "Not-A-Mummy" at the end there? Click to read more! [...]
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You face the god of war!

For 5 weeks straight Max reigned over GBS, leaving a bloody trail of broken backs, empty venom canisters, and shattered dreams. With his key rival PPJ on sabbatical the situation looked grim for Chicago's weekly. However this week two of Max's recent victims stepped up and saved the windy city from Bane's wrath. First was Saucy Jack, who had been unable to beat Max since he switched to Superman. The pieces finally came together and the Last Son of Krypton sent the reigning champion to the losers bracket. Hungry for revenge, Max declared he'd go through the losers bracket and Click to read more! [...]
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Okay so for my fourth online tournament, I've decided to take it to xbox live!

Who will be crowned the champion? Sign up here for your chance to be that person! Click to read more! [...]