Test Your Might

by Decay II at 10:20 AM
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What a great tournament we had last night and I hope you all enjoyed the stream!

Notable Mentions:
-@Rolz420zx (Mindgamez) returns with a functional pad. Speaking of pads, he shares with us some very embarassing stories on the car ride home.
-@KDZ Pulls out the big daddy DOOMSDAY to ruin everyone's lives.
-@Dartharma decided he'll never put his Dick away, regardless of what you, myself, or even the law says. His Nightwing looking good, Dick slapping everyone who crosses his path.
-Again almost makes King Jamez believe in magic in his streamed set.
-@KingJamez12 for whatever reason decides Cyborg would be a good idea. Finds out ITS NEVER A GOOD IDEA
-Decay acknowledges Lobo is a bill, but realizes not all bills are bad. Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton (main man with the cigar), Dollar Bills, Billiards, Bill Murray, Kill Bill.. etc
-2 New contestants enter the Injustice scene: PickledEggs Click to read more! [...]
by STORMS at 5:30 PM
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When you stop and think about it... the EVO games are usually decided in January and that is not very far off! We just got recent word via @MrWizard that tonight via UltraChenTv we'll get to see the debut of the 2015 Evolution Championship Series trailer! Let's be serious here - EVO is what it's all about as players plan their entire year around going to EVO. Will you be going to Las Vegas in 2015?

Here are a few additional details Click to read more! [...]
by PND_Mustard at 4:18 PM
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Hey folks,

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get about 2 hours on MKX at the MCM London Expo, I used D'Vorah exclusively, and only played her Swarm Queen variation, Considering I knew I'd have limited time.

I played as much as possible, against fellow attendees @PND_Ketchup and @PND i2 Gaug3 , in the time I had I tried to figure out as much as possible about her, and decided to put this out with as much information as I could remember.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind this is all from an early build of the game, and is NOT final, all info is subject to change.

Swarm Queen Specials:

Insect Lift (DB1):

Slow startup, low hitting, tracks opponents location from any range, stuns opponent for a few seconds, puts them in an airborne juggle state, if it hits from fullscreen it can still be combo'd from if you utilise your run.

Once the move had reached a certain point, even if D'Vorah was struck in the middle of it,...
by PND_Ketchup at 10:00 PM
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Hey guys,

Was not going to write up my Quan experiences after Endevermore posted his, but I just thought the more info the better when it comes to filling everybody in. I only used the Sorcerer version of Quan, because I wanted to stick to my guns for as long as possible so I could learn the game faster.

There may be a few tiny conflictions here and there, and this is mainly me going by memory. There's some stuff that Endevermore didn't use and vice versa, so hopefully we can piece this all together to paint a clearer picture of how this creepy bald dude seems to be shaping up.

As usual, this was all on a preview build, so none of it is at all finished. Thus certain moves/damage will not be final. So lets go by utility and what actually exists vs the viability of these moves at the moment.


Skull - D,B,2: A straight projectile that lands similar damage to that of MK9. This move can also be done in the air with a low diagonal path. There doesn't appear to...
by FCP/EMP SCAR at 7:38 PM
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It's a little early for Mortal Kombat X combo videos, right? Wrong! YouTube user Nik MkDota has uploaded an awesome combo video for Scorpion that showcases combos from multiple times where the game was on display. Featuring what looks to be footage from multiple Expo's that includes the varying dialogue. When the news is lacking for what we want the most, this is the perfect filler! Click to view! [...]
by R.E.O. at 11:47 PM
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Hey, everyone. I know I haven't been as active in the community as much as some of you want me to. But I have some great news and it's directly related to last Friday when you guys saw me stream MK9 for the first time. With MK10 being just around the corner, I'm getting back into the swing of all things fighting game related. With help from a friend, I now have a better functioning stream. I'll be mainly streaming Injustice and MK9. And of course, UMK:3 TE when ever I can. Now I know some of you are probably thinking "REO streaming and playing Injustice in 2014, what?". Yep, it's happening. I'm gonna try and dive into Injustice and MK9 again and give them a better shot than I did before. Meaning, Click to read more! [...]
by ENDeverMORE at 5:05 PM
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Coming hot off of the London Comic-Con, ENDeverMORE had some time to dive deep in to Quan Chi. Below are his notes and impressions from playing him in his different variations. While, we cannot take these notes too literal as the game is in early development it's still nice to know what Quan Chi currently plays like. Click to read more! [...]
by Mr Aquaman at 11:39 AM
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The tenth anniversary of Top of the Food Chain!

Southern Virginia's absolute finest assembled among the Venue known as The Refuge for our bimonthly beatdown known as top of the food chain. 3 defending champions, an ares player, a newly acquired EMPR, a random flash, and the rest of the VA hollywood Warriors style street gang thugged it out. Tournament begins with our famed DS player SrryIentered against Sidtherunningmanstacehaze. The cerebral assassin deathstroke, bodied by Black Manta in flashpoint paradox looking across from the fastest man on the planet. 2 rounds open up with a trait combo and srry hits the mic stating 1 option is not the way to play the game. Sid wins 3-0 and runs further into winners. Mr Aquaman takes on newcomer dark kai and does some broken ass resets involving missiles, godsmacks, and quick stands. Ares proclaimed broken on virginia sands. Next we have possibly the hypest match in top of the food chain's history involving Harley Quinn. TYM's very own Awkward Sloth a combo a way from elemonading defending champion Zappa. In a tight 3-2 set that could have gone either way Zappa scum bags and frauds his way to winners Click to read more! [...]
by DreadKnight1 at 1:53 PM
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I was luckily able to get a few games in at Comic Con in London, here are my findings/observations with the current build:
  • Raiden has a quick low which strings to a launcher as I accidentally found by mashing.
  • Raiden's displacer variation is the only one to have a teleport and the input for the teleport was down,up. I believe that he doesn't have a first hit overhead move though,he does have a string where it hits overhead 2nd. I believe that Thunder God has that string where he's put on the other side through a teleport but not as an independent teleport move.
  • D'Vorah is a footsy monster with incredible range.
  • Kotal Kahn's risk-reward style move where he cuts himself gives him a huge damage boost(up there with that of level 3 Bane). I was uppercuted straight after he did this for a good 17-22%.
  • Raiden has lots of multi-hitting strings, his movelist was full of inputs like 1122,213 and other 3/4 hit strings(this was checked in Thunder God variation).
  • Sub zero has a strong knockdown game after a slide hits,the WB representative was stuffing all my wakeups-even teleport.
  • As deduced from the point above: wakeups Click to read more! [...]