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After sharing some more Mortal Kombat X fight dialogue via twitter Ed Boon has asked what everyone would like to see next? The latest dialogue exchange Boon tweeted out was the words between Scorpion and Quan Chi (via this link). The awesome aspect of this dialogue is that it resembles the "clash" dialogue from Injustice: Gods Among Us, except it's before the match starts.

This is different from Mortal Kombat 9 as well because each fighter would always say the same thing, for example, Kung Lao says "For the Shaolin!" before every match. With Mortal Kombat X dialogue Click to read more! [...]
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I have returned!

The rest of the FGC may be hype for Smash Wii U but for the Chicago NRS scene the focus remains on Injustice as we begin the 6th and final full season of GBS until MKX is released in April.

Eyes were on Naptown Clutch's champion Saucy Jack but after a barn burner of a match between Jeremiah the Jew of Steel lost last weekend's grand finals runback against my Catwoman before being eliminated by N1k0lass' Ares. The previous GBS had seen Ken snipe N1k0lass with a surprise Green Arrow counterpick but this week he decided to stick to his Kryptonian guns and stay with Clark. Surviving an early 2-0 deficit he managed to adjust and tie it up but ultimately fell to the god of broke. Retreating to the Fortress of Saltitude the Jew of Steel no doubt found comfort in Dragon Age Inquisition later that night.

Grawlix was still on break from work and stopped...
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Good evening, TYM! Are you enjoying the classic KI2 title included with the Season 2 content? If so, it will interest you to know that a content update is coming your way tomorrow, delivered by none other than Code Mystics, the team responsible for bringing you refined versions of the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection (MK1, MK2, and UMK3) as well as the classic KI1 and KI2 titles. This update addresses bugs that have been reported by the KI community, while adding a selection of requested features that are sure to improve your KI2 experience. Take a look at CM's post from the Ultra Combo forums to find out what to look forward to.

Do note: you may experience issues with online matchmaking during the implementation of the update. However, this should subside quickly. Click to read more! [...]
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We all know Mortal Kombat X news has been lacking lately, but we may have something to wet your palette. At first I was kind of skeptical after being linked to an iMDB listing due to previous incorrect information, but the game's iMDB cast listing seems to have been updated and with multiple characters. I am not sure if I would call this a spoiler yet, but we might as well.

For one, Kiefer Sutherland is no longer listed, so there's at least a step in the right direction regarding facts. Ed Boon has stated multiple Click to read more! [...]
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YouTube user fouseyTUBE is back (see the first elevator prank featuring Sub-Zero here!) with another hysterical video showcasing his unique cosplay in the confines of an elevator. fouseyTUBE takes some big chances with doing this acts in a confined place, especially with some of the folks who are a little less amused by the act.

Nevertheless, that's what makes this part two with The Thunder God so interesting! Click to read more! [...]
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The tension was so thick in the air, you could cut through it with a knife. Exactly 50% of the Top 8 from last month's episode of Level Up Online Warrior made their return in Episode 2, joined by uprising stars including Hitbox Tyrant and Emperor Rebelo. After Rebelo felled MT Rico Suave in Loser's Finals and proceeded to establish a four-win streak against CD Jr, the rise of a new online warrior appeared imminent...but Junior said "NO!" and shut down Rebelo's momentum in a Grand Finals that would be forever branded within our minds! Click to read more! [...]
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Today via Newsarama (thanks to @MKServer) we have received some new details from the Mortal Kombat X comic book series that is set to officially start January 2015. This digital comic series was first announced back in mid October during the New York Comic-Con and is sure to give us Mortal Kombat fans a run for our money. Similar to how the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic book set route the Mortsl Kombat X comic will act as a prequel to the game's release in mid-April.

Anyway, back to the details! Below are two synopsis', each Click to read more! [...]
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Alright guys, so for those of you who missed the initial thread (link here - http://testyourmight.com/threads/i-...-kombat-series-new-weekly-stream-event.46788/), this is going to be the official first week of Blood Bath Kombat series. Things are going to kick off this Friday with some pretty good matches. With NEC leading up to just three weeks away, it will be interesting to see how serious some of these matches get before the big arena hits.

**UMK3:TE will also receieve some love when it's released to the public. I plan on doing weekly blood bath series for that as well, so don't think I forgot about you 2D MK guys that have been hitting me up.** Click to read more! [...]